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Accepting Missions

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Accepting Missions

Post by S.L. Admin on Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:55 pm

Accepting Missions

Accepting a mission is easy on the Mission Board, if you follow the steps and the rules below you will be on your way hassle free. If you see a mission on the Bulletin Board which you would like to participate on then use the template given below and fill out each step which is required. After that a moderator or admin will come and accept you for the mission. Then you are allowed to venture on the mission as you have now been certified for it.

But you must remember when applying for missions please follow the rules below:

  • Always use the template given below

  • You cannot accept a mission while you are already participating on one, wait till you are finished then you are allowed to go on another.

  • You cannot apply for a mission that another character is already on. You will have to wait for them to finish that mission before you start it.

  • Multiple members are allowed to do the same mission but it must be at different times (as specified above) and you are only allowed to do the same mission once.

  • Please do not spam this topic it is just for registering missions, not organising your social life. PM them if you want to talk about the mission.

Accepting Mission Template

Mission Title: (Title of Mission - Link this please)
Mission Participants: (Character's name participating on the mission)
Approximate Starting Date: (When you think you will start the mission)
Approximate Finishing Date: (When you think you will finish the mission)


[b]Mission Title:[/b] [url=][/url]
[b]Mission Participants:[/b]
[b]Approximate Starting Date:[/b]
[b]Approximate Finishing Date:[/b]
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