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 Rochin Tinbe

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PostSubject: Rochin Tinbe   Mon Mar 01, 2010 11:16 pm

General Information

Name: Rochin Tinbe
Age: 14
Gender: Male


Tinbe isn’t by any means a large boy. He is scrawny and left without a shred of developed muscles. However, how many fourteen year old boys have developed muscles? Weight lifting in general at that age isn’t exactly healthy. Tinbe has still managed to avoid getting the toned look he should have from regular shinobi activities though.

Reddish-Brown bangs fall in Tinbe's face, more outward than inward, something that is as natural as his equally maroon pupils. Flattened out towards the back, it remains remotely spiky at the bottom of his hair, of course in a downward motion instead of most people's spikes that shoot up.

Beneath the hair lies what faces usually have. Its not uncommon to have a nose, a mouth, and a pair of eyes is it? Tinbe's eyes hold a color very similar to his hair and lying below that is a neat, well kept nose. His mouth, a good subject, is hardly ever as shown in the picture above. Tinbe doesn't smile much anymore, at least not like that, and his face is usually displaying a "all business" form of intent.

Tinbe usually wears a silver jacket with blue stripes on the arms, shoulders, middle, and collar. Through the middle of the collar lies a red stripe. Why Tinbe likes this particular article of clothing is unknown to him. Aside from the red stripe, it doesn't match his elements of choice at all. However, on his right shoulder, doing some honor to his village, sits the emblem of The Village Hidden in the Leaves and on his back is the Emblem of the Fire Country.

Beneath his clothes however, are numerous marks from his father's training. Lightning is a dangerous element to play with and it was only natural that he be burned numerous times. Down his back is a large burn mark that will most likely never go away and across his chest and torso are small abrasions.

Collected and calm, Tinbe is a very mature person. He is hard-working and studious, these traits forming his mind into the picture perfect example of an intelligent individual. This intelligence blesses him with rational thought, understanding, and combat intelligence and ability.

With that intelligence, Tinbe has a tendency to use excessively complicated words, words a fourteen year old child shouldn’t comprehend, much less use fluently in passing speech. Whether it is to make him feel superior to others or simply because an asset that goes unused is worthless, even he does not know. Most likely it is a bit of both

Despite his intelligence, Tinbe does not act in an arrogant or demeaning way, at least not outwardly. Apart from his use of oversized words, Tinbe does not openly boast about any extraordinary talents of his. He is quiet, calm, and analyzing. Inwardly however, he is far too overconfident. He believes himself, in all his intelligence, to be better than most, if not all of his peers. This sense of superiority, thankfully for Tinbe’s survival, extends only to his peers. He knows his place in Konoha as a genin and has enough common sense not to approach those of higher rank with the same overconfidence he exhibits normally.

Tinbe, at least the show he puts on for others, doesn’t feel the need to prove his worth to anyone but himself and therefore never misses the opportunity to pass up forms of public demonstration. At least that’s how he acts. Secretly, he wishes he got the recognition he feels he deserves.

Tinbe still will occasionally make friends. It isn’t a normal occurrence, but it happens. It is in these moments that the laughing and compassionate little boy can be seen, the one eight years of Shinobi training couldn’t fully erase.

In combat, Tinbe carries himself quite similarly to normalcy. He is calm, cool, and collected. He’s formulating, reasoning, strategizing, analyzing; he essentially has complete control of himself whilst fighting and it is most likely his greatest strength. He also does not enjoy killing, it seems like quite the waste. Generally, Tinbe will restrain himself from attempting to kill or harm an opponent, generally seeking to immobilize rather than fully destroy.

There are a few moments however, when faced in certain combat situations, where the usual cool, calm, and controlled face that usually sits on Tinbe’s head is traded for one of anger, hatred, and ferocity. Due to his life growing up, Tinbe holds a certain loathing of people who weren’t born normal. People with specific bloodlines, people given opportunities that others weren’t; everything seems to boil up to the point that no matter what the average person without special treatment accomplishes, he’ll never be more important than the few, the proud, the ones with genetically altering Kekkei Genkai Tinbe’s family had to go to the ends of the earth to master a special art that certain people were simply born with. The Uchiha and the Hyuuga he specifically loathes, and loathes passionately.

In normal passing, Tinbe can generally tolerate their presence, he can control himself that much, but if he was ever for any reason to be paired against one in combat, the restraint is off. He goes one hundred percent, almost blindly, in an attempt to not only kill, but to annihilate them.

Onto other, less dreadfully violent aspects of the boy; Tinbe, despite his usually very mature appearance, is a bumbling idiot when confronted with situations involving intimacy or anything akin to such relationships.

Hobbies, everybody has them, even if you paint the outer rim of your eyes and hate the world. For Tinbe, old practices tend to cling to you. He still enjoys certain activities he was immersed in with his mother, such as painting and cooking. He generally doesn't share these facts with others though, he doesn't see a need to tell others much of anything, especially activities he doesn't deem befitting of a ninja, much less a man.

Personality Trait's: Hatred for genetically separate and superior people.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Kozumikku
Kekkei Genkai: Kozumikku Yoroi
Clan Symbol:


Clan Jutsu: Kozumikku Yoroi- Numerous jutsu revolving around the Kozumikku Yoroi, most of which include channeling chakra through the armor.

Clan History:

As soon as Rochin Senior’s job was lost, he set to work working on what would be his greatest creation. Typically, a normal father would call his son his greatest creation, but that’s hardly the point at the moment. For years he toiled away at a way to scientifically enhance his son. The Rochin clan has always been electrically driven and his newest invention would be no different.
By utilizing his own electrical techniques, he created an armor that would allow his son access to a whole new dimension of ninjutsu. It was his aspiration that his son would become the perfect enactment of his vengeance. The time for that was not now, but eventually, he hoped to use his son to eliminate the bloodlines. He hoped to fully accomplish that for himself and his son.

Rank Information:
Country: Konoha
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: C

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu assisted Kenjutsu
Main: Kekkei Genkai Ninjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity: Raiton
Main: Raiton

Special Characteristics: Training to use the Kozumikku Yoroi. Advanced Chakra Control


Name: Tinbe-Rochin
Rank: D
Special Abilities: None, unless linked to the Kozumikku Yoroi
Origin: Given to by father

Name: Kozumikku Yoroi
Rank: A
Special Abilities: Permits Kozumikku Yoroi Jutsu
Origin: Rochin Clan creation, given to by father

Background Information

Rochin Tinbe was born just like every other person. Nothing exceptional, the normal, average, run of the mill little squirt. Sucks doesn’t it, especially in Konoha, bloodline capital of the world. It can be a bit much on the young, unblessed children of Konoha to show merit, but it is a bit early to be talking about that.

Back to the beginning, Rochin Tinbe was born and raised normally for the first five years of his life. He was named, unoriginally enough, after the weapons his father used. Existence was serving them pretty nicely. Tinbe’s father was a Shinobi, more of scientist really but a shinobi nonetheless, and his mother wore an apron, the model (if politically incorrect) type of home life. Having spent all of his life with his mother and seeing his father maybe once or twice a month, (grueling ninja life and all) Tinbe hadn’t received the toughening up he could have used to function fully in the Shinobi world. He was cute, compassionate, and had more interest in laughing with his mother than nailing a bulls-eye with a kunai from fifty yards away.

It was the year of his sixth birthday that he would start down the path separating him from the laughing and caring boy his mother raised. The age of six was when children started at the Ninja Academy. It was something his mother had been dreading for a long time. She didn’t feel her boy was suited to be shinobi and with the way she was raising him, he really wasn’t. It was also especially dreadful for Tinbe. He had spent the first five years essentially with only his mother. Contact with other people was limited; he never wanted to make other friends. The most contact with the outside world he had endured happened when he was shopping with his mother, and that entailed maybe saying "hello" to one of his mother's acquaintances and shaking their hand. Going to a school full of other people would be a new experience for him, a change. Unknown change is scary for some. His father however, wouldn’t have any other future for his boy.

Three years passed of schooling passed, nothing too harsh. Tinbe made friends here and there, nothing overly substantial, but friendships nonetheless. Such ties would wane by the end of his academy years, as he started spending more time with his father. It was around this time that Tinbe’s father had been promoted or something similar to a promotion, Tinbe didn’t understand the reasoning his father gave him, but he would be home more now. It was then his decision to train the boy personally.

Mr. Rochin specialized mostly in lightning based offensive jutsu and it was that which he decided to pass on to his son. Over the course of the next few years, his father taught him in addition to his Academy trainings, he was soon becoming a Shinobi twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

It was also during this time that his father taught him his perspective of the world. The world where laughing and smiling and the very essence of compassion were liabilities that needed to be squashed. His father told him constantly that he had the talent to be better than every other shinobi. Tinbe took that to heart, almost haphazardly and begun thinking that he was better than everyone else. It was the couple years later, at the age of eleven, that Tinbe fully understood what had happened to his father. The wars of the father are generally passed on to the son.

Tinbe’s father was replaced, plain and simple, for a rising Hyuuga youngster. Whether or not his abilities actually exceeded his father’s he didn’t know and probably never would, but in his father’s mind it was the fact that he was born special. It was a genetic advantage that let him take over his father’s job and turned the once proud shinobi to simple village look out. Tinbe did not know how to react to his father’s hatred of people born with specialties, but at that age, you generally believe what you’re told.

He started to see this happen to him as well. He would not have seen it like this without his father’s influence, but all around him, people of unique bloodlines were getting praise, praise far exceeding Tinbe’s. Tinbe had worked hard, harder than most, and he was not a failure either. He excelled in ninjutsu and had mastered quite a few techniques from his father, but why didn’t he receive the same. This is where a hatred for those of advanced bloodlines would be sparked and would stick with him through his academy years and after. He still felt he was better than everyone else, just that everyone else was too stupid to recognize it. They all had their preconceived notion that the Bloodlines were all powerful and that there was no reason to look at a normal person.

It was around this time that his father had developed something that would forever change his life. He developed the Kozumikku Yoroi. For his remaining academy years, Tinbe practiced and learned how to utilize his father’s invention. It was not easy and in most cases it was incredibly painful. His body was horribly bruised and burned in the first year or so over his education.

It wasn’t long after graduation that Tinbe lost his control. It was a Hyuuga boy, an annoying little cretin, which was in many ways like Tinbe. He had a chip on both shoulders and wasn’t afraid to express it. The problem was; it was to Tinbe that he chose to express it.

When he did this, Tinbe snapped. He’d had it bottled up inside for a while and with this Hyuuga challenging him, he wasn’t going to hold back. Almost immediately he had electrified the Hyuuga with, causing the boy to writhe on the ground with pain in front of him. Thankfully for the both of them, the local authority stepped in before Tinbe could finish the job.

Tinbe and the Hyuuga were placed under house arrest for three weeks. During this time, Tinbe spent many hours thinking. He had a new plan now; people would not recognize him if he kept showing himself off to the world or continued to pick fights with those of special lineage. He needed to accomplish more than anyone thought him capable of. He needed to be better than those of the Uchiha and Hyuuga and anyone who was genetically superior.

RP Sample: This is from the Avatar board, I hope it works.

It wasn’t a day that screamed trouble. It was a serene afternoon, the sun was shining and the streets were quiet. Nothing was out of the ordinary, a few villagers roaming around, going about their lives. It was your typical, boring day in an Earth Kingdom village. It was a day that has been seen twenty times over, raising the question of why people were content with such a monotonous life. Surely there was more to be done, fun to be had, things to eat. After today however, there would be more to be done, fun to be had and someone would definitely have something to eat. He was going to break the monotony.

Chiru glanced around the area in the marketplace central, shifting the pack on his back as he surveyed the scene. Two officials on ostrich horses were perched at the entrance; a third had fallen asleep on the roof to his left and a fourth was circling the market place. He would have to be quick and time this perfectly if he was going to get out of there with the food.

His window of opportunity came as the fourth officer’s patrol took him to the other side of the market, near the two guarding the entrance. Chiru quickly wrenched a crate of apples out of the stand and quickly emptied the contents into his pack, ignoring the shop keeper screaming bloody murder. Chiru quickly latched his pack shut, swung it over his shoulder, and tore off to his left. The officers were locating the disturbance as Chiru leaped onto a nearby windowsill and vaulted himself up on to the roof.

The officer was groggily waking up to the commotion below him and noticed Chiru sprinting for him, panicked; he blindly thrust his spear at Chiru’s midriff. The boy gracefully spun, the spearhead passing his waist as he trapped it under his left arm. He yanked on the spear; pulling the man with it he twisted his hips and delivered an elbow quickly to the side of the man’s head, rendering him unconscious. Chiru quickly grabbed the reins of the wildly thrashing animal, shoved the other man off and hopped on the ostrich horse, yanking firmly on the reins and turning the creature around. He finally had it calmed down as an officer charged up the side of the wall after him.

Chiru and his newly acquired ostrich horse tore off the roof and into the streets, the patrolling officer hot on his heels and the other two furiously racing to catch up. Chiru ducked and weaved through the streets, but it wasn’t enough. Those men were actually experienced with the beast he was riding and he wasn’t going to keep distance between them for very long. He just had to cover as much distance as possible; once he was at that street he was home free. Getting there was proving to be problematic though; the patrolling officer had pulled ahead of his companion and alongside Chiru. Quickly, the officer jabbed his spear and the young Zihao’s head. The boy quickly rolled to the side, riding his animal with one leg propped onto the saddle and keeping him latched on. Breathing heavily, the boy looked at the ground, no longer being able to actually see anything above the ground but the feathery side of his mount, and saw the man’s shadow preparing for another strike, undoubtedly at his leg.

Chiru pushed off the ostrich horse, landing hard on the ground and skidding along a good ways as the two ostrich horses continued racing down the street. Scraped and bruised, Chiru glanced up quickly as the first officer was turning around to double back and he could audibly hear the other two approaching from the rear. He was going to have to think and think quickly at that. Chiru had about two blocks to go and then he was safe, he just had to get past the one in front of him. Luckily for him, he decided to charge straight for him.

Chiru’s path was laid out for him. Who would be stupid enough to play chicken with an overgrown chicken? Hopefully, that alone would be enough to intimidate the rider and that’s all Chiru needed, a moment’s hesitation. Zihao Chiru returned the charge, sprinting as fast as he could for the animal and his outstretched spear. And he saw it, the flicker of uncertainty in the officer’s eye. Quickly, the boy dropped his pack into his hands and slid, gliding along the ground and under the animal before the rider had a chance to adjust his weapon and stop him.

Chiru quickly rose to his feet and kept running, and running for his life at that. It took a moment for the officers to regroup and chase and the boy had already sprinted past a block before they could. It wasn’t hard to make up ground when the boy was on foot and they quickly made him veer off into an alley way, a dead end. It certainly looked like they had him.

Chiru slowly back away into the alleyway, his foot furiously tapping the ground as he paced backward. The three police officers slowly advanced on his position, spears ready and pointing straight for the boy. Why was he taking so long was a thought that looped in Chiru’s head as his foot’s furious tapping quickly elevated into a stomp. The officers were close enough now that the boy could smell their breath and it was then that the ground Chiru was standing on suddenly gave way, and the boy fell and he fell quickly down a small chute, the entrance to the chute closing as quickly as it had been formed.

Chiru was spat out into an underground tunnel and plopped down on the ground before Aoman, whose blind eyes gazed expectedly down at the boy.
“What in the world took you so long!? They almost had me you useless…” He trailed off as a small pillar of earth shot from the ground behind him, dislodging his pack and knocking the boy on his face. The pack landed and snapped open in front of Aoman. He quickly snatched up all but one of the apples, leaving a small one in the dirt for Chiru. “What!? What’s that supposed to be? Did you seriously just eat them all you giant hippopig! I did all the work.”

A small pebble zoomed across the tunnel and crashed into Chiru’s forehead, the boy reeled back, furiously rubbing his new bruise as his friend turned back down the tunnel he made, exiting the village. Chiru grinned as he grabbed his apple and hurried after the lumbering badgermole.
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Since you have an impressive application I am allowing you to be a powerfull Genin.
You are also registering your clan in this app.
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Rochin Tinbe

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