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Sando Yaju [Done]

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Sando Yaju [Done] Empty Sando Yaju [Done]

Post by Null Abarada on Tue Mar 02, 2010 8:10 pm

Name: Sando Yaju ( Sand Beast)
Rank: S
Sando Yaju carries the traits of a racoon. With a large tail, black rings around it's eyes, and sharp bearing claws it is very much like a racoon. Although it carries the traits of a racoon, it is a lot bigger, fat wise and height wise. Standing at over 95 ft this beast can see over the highest of trees, and being so thick helps when absorbing hits. Sando uses his very large tail to either fire projectiles, deflect attacks, or even surround an opponent and over encumber them wth its brutal mass. Null is usually seen on top of the large beast.
Contract Type: Blood, and Sand donation.
Species: Mostly Racoon
Elemental Affinity: Sand~Lightning
Special Abilities/Characteristics: Sando may take multiple hits without even noticing it due to the immense fat build up completely surrounding the body. Sando also has enhanced senses being able to see in the dark, here for over many miles away, smell out the smalles and toughest of substances.
Background: In the far outskirt deserts of suna there was a extremely large wasteland in which was surrounded by dunes of sand. Out there, there was no signs of life, Which had the appearance of being alright to settle in. Null came across the place one hot afternoon as he was in search for a good place where he could rest for the night. He was getting the feeling of being cooped up for to long so he decided he needed to get out of there. Null jumped on a large hill of sand, and looked downwards gazeing apon the open wasteland, Null jumped down thinking it was good enough protection for the night and fell asleep.The next day when Null woke up he jumped on the sand hill once again looking onward into the horizon noticing the largest sand hill he had ever seen, it was absolutely massive Null thought it was a good place to stand on top of, and use it as a lookout. Null ran over to the hill with great haste, and began to climb it trying o jump upwards along the way. When Null finnally got to the top of it he began looking out seeing nothing that would threaten him, he jumped towards te other side landing with a thud.

When all of a suddden the hill began to shake from side to side, Null was startled by this action and braced himself for impact.Thats when the hill's sand began to fall off to the sides almost taking Null with it, and leaving behind not only Null but a gigantic beast as well. The beast stood on its hind legs with Null on his head, and all of a sudden the beast sell straight back down on all fours. "Who has awakened Me?" The giant beasst said. "Me my name is Null, Null Abarada" Null said as the beast stopped shaking. "Null Abarada, I do not know of you I should Kill you" The beast said. "Please don't, I can supply you with anything food, water anything!" Null said as the beastcalmed down a bit "Well I do need food I am really hungry after these many years of hunger, I supppose I will not kill you" The beast said. "Null smiled as he jumped down off the beast. The next day Null brought the beast some food.

After many months of giving the beasts food Null earned the trust of the beast they both signed a contract allowing Null to summon Sando Yaju anywhere at anytime.
Summons Jutsu: Being Done Later
Null Abarada
Null Abarada

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Sando Yaju [Done] Empty Re: Sando Yaju [Done]

Post by Austin on Wed Mar 03, 2010 11:56 pm


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