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Geography of Malaysia

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Geography of Malaysia Empty Geography of Malaysia

Post by kosovohp on Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:46 pm

Malaysia is the 43rd most populated country and the 66th largest country by total land area in the world, with a population of about 28 million and a land area of over 320,000 km2 respectively. On land, Malaysia borders Thailand, Indonesia, and Brunei[2] and it has maritime boundaries with its neighbours Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The land borders are now well established and defined in large part by geological features such as the Perlis River, Golok River and the Pagalayan Canal, whilst some of the maritime boundaries have been the subject of ongoing contention. Malaysia contains numerous islands, and its waters extend into the Coral Triangle.[60]

The two distinct parts of Malaysia, separated from each other by the South China Sea, share a largely similar landscape in that both West and East Malaysia feature coastal plains rising to often densely forested hills and mountains.[61] East Malaysia, like most of the island of Borneo, was traditionally covered with Borneo lowland rain forests although much has been cleared causing wildlife to retreat into the upland rain forests inland. Peninsula Malaysia is divided between its east and west coasts by the Titiwangsa Mountains.[62] The local climate is equatorial and characterised by the annual southwest (April to October) and northeast (October to February) monsoons.[61]

Tanjung Piai, located in the southern state of Johor, is the southernmost tip of continental Asia.[63][64] The Strait of Malacca, lying between Sumatra and Peninsular Malaysia, is arguably the most important shipping lane in the world.[65] The Crocker Range in East Malaysia is the location of Mount Kinabalu, which at 4,095.2 metres (13,436 ft), is the tallest mountain in Malaysia and is protected as Kinabalu National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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