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Custom Mission Guide

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Custom Mission Guide

Post by S.L. Admin on Wed Feb 17, 2010 3:59 pm

Custom Mission Guide

Custom Missions are missions which you can create and can venture on within a group of shinobi you have organised, your shinobi teams headed by your sensei or by yourself in a solo mission. Creating a Custom Mission is a fun way for you to go on mission and expand and improve on your RPing ability. You can make an NPC character and work with them, or with real people and friends which you enjoy RPing with.

For Custom Missions you can create any type of mission you would like as long as it's within your characters rank (i.e a chuunin can't go and make himself an S-ranked team or solo mission or genin can't go and make a A-ranked team or solo mission). On a Custom Mission you are allowed to use an NPC which you may have created earlier (If he/she is still alive) and use it as a villian or someone which can travel with you.

Regarding Custom Missions there are some rules which you have to abide to at all times;

  • Custom Missions can only be performed in either your Countries own territory or neutral Countries. This means no Custom Missions can be created in enemy territories, for obvious reasons. This is reserved for Campaign/Special Missions which will be given to you by your own Kage.

  • Related to the rule above, only Chuunin + Jounin characters and above will be able to create Custom Missions outside of their own countries territory. This means that genin can only create Custom Missions within there own country, excluding any additional territories unless accomponied by a higher rank (i.e Suna Genin can only go in the Wind Country, but if with a higher rank they can venture to the River Country and another other territory that Suna may posses)

  • Participant's on Custom Missions are only allowed to have one NPC character per participant going on the mission (i.e a single genin can only have a C-rank or below NPC with them on their mission, but if there was a group of say 4 ninja in the mission their may be 4 NPC characters on that mission)

  • NPC characters can either be RPed by the owner or another member of the site, this can be arranged via PM. But, if the owner of the NPC charatcer Role-plays as that NPC they are not aligable to gain the reward for Rping as a NPC character, as it has to be another members.

  • People who RP as the NPC characters (either villian or friend) for members of the mission do not get the mission completion if it is successful. So the insentive for you is that if you RP as an NPC character in the mission staff will grant you one free jutsu (No training required) to be added to your character. This jutsu has to be within your rank and a element which your character already posesses. The application of this reward can be found Here.

  • Missions must be accepted here first before it is posted into the Accepting Missions thread. Your mission will be approved and then moved to approved Custom Missions. After this is done you can then copy and paste the information need from your custom mission to the Accepting Mission topic for further approval. Note that you should always use the template given for this.
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