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The Valley of the End

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The Valley of the End Empty The Valley of the End

Post by Naveen on Thu Feb 18, 2010 1:53 am

Two enormous figures made of earth from the ridges and rock formations of both the east and the west sides stared down at each other. Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju. The names of the people who were resembled upon these stone figures. They stared at each other, each with a handseal. The obvious hatred between these two apparent from these statues. The ancient battles of the past. Naveen was there, but still her demeanor of lurking in the shadows had made her went unnoticed. Where was she? She blinked carefully but slowly, pushing our her hands nicely. The touch of her fingers grazing the ragid rock figures of the statue in front of her. Where had she remained? She lured at the base of Madara's statue, between the spikes of his hair. Over time the edge had dulled out so they weren't as sharp and the sun hit against them, shadows cascading forward and dancing across the rock figures. Quiet. No movements at all. She stood there, her legs remaining normal, grazing her left knee just a little bit forward as her posture was no longer erect. A hand ran along the spike of Madara. Her black hair still bumped up and the loose hairs running down her back tied backwards into a ponytail, tied together with a hot pink ribbon.

For those quick ten seconds she had canceled everything out but now the sounds came into her head. Water rushed down the stream at the level she was at. Grabbing upon a spike of his hair, slipping her hand well passed the points, placing another hand horizontal with the other spike, approximately one spike across from each other. She pulled herself upwards, pressing her foot against yet another spike as she propelled herself upwards. An immense flip through the air came quick and sharp, Naveen being upside down for a quick second. She landed in a position, where she was on the knee with her left leg and the right leg was held upright, the knee pointing out. Her back barely arched in, but she loosened up her back, breathing. She watched the water move through the stream quickly, freeing itself down towards the edge. It rushed down there now, forming what many people called a waterfall. The sound of the waterfall was calming. Cooling. The serene environment is what drew Naveen here weekly. She pressed down on the toe of the of the left leg and pushed it upwards. With this she reached out her body, pushing herself upwards in a fluid motion, her ears alert to hear the sounds. Beautiful. Still her lips remained glum, her onyx eyes staring just straight forward and her legs erect. The 14 year old was watching the world around her slowly. Second. Second. Second. Second. Second. She counted 5 seconds that went by. 5 seconds that she had wished never went by. 5 seconds that could be anything. What could happen in 5 seconds?

A kirin? She shivered at the thought of seeing the Kirin strike. It struck in a thousandth of a second but at that time she caught it slowly hitting. The flashing lights, the thought of herself about to die. But she still remained her old position. Father. Maybe he was waiting for her in about an hour or an hour and a half. She pressed a single foot forward, her combat boot at the tip of a rock on top of Madara's head. She shoved her foot forward gracefully as it launched across the top and it flew through the air and down into the water. She listened as it whizzed to the ground. It hit the ground with a small plop. Her alert ways had allowed her to catch the sound. Her hot pink tank top being skin-tight, clinging to her curves as if they were glued to them. Along with black short shorts covering her slender legs, knee-high combat boots laced at the sides and completely black. She had on a belt and at both hips, the left and right, were attached a Tanto. Her twin Tanto infact. She glanced at Hashirama Senju, standing motionless and still. Her first words in three days spoken now. "Senju..." her voice was soft and melodic. People found it interesting and craved for more when hearing her voice as she spoke such few words. It had a dark and damaging demeanor but you couldn't help but find her voice sweet. In was a whisper, the voice flickering through the nearby winds. She had only heard that, and she was pretty sure about it. Feeling her hair touch the back of the neck, she took a simple step back. Well, half-step.

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