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 Fudo Hokage

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PostSubject: Fudo Hokage   Thu Feb 18, 2010 2:24 am

General Information
Name: Fudo Hyouten
Nickname/Alias: The Young Will of Fire
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Weight: 111 Lbs

Looks and Appearance
-Description: His pale blue eyes seem to sparkle and perfeclty compliment his sandly yellow hair. The delicate features of his face seem to give way to gently whisker like freatures on his cheeks. Moving upwards, his eyes are surrounded by black streaks, almost like the ones around the eyes of a frog. His build is somewhat stronger than an average man, as it gives way to powerful legs, giving him almost fifteen times the jumping power and speed of a regular human. His large legs are somewhat forced into an almost permanent slight crouch at the joint in his legs, giving him a hunched appearence, forcing his back down a little, as if he was always lazy. His powerful hind legs look somewhat large compared to his chest, giving him a strange look.
Hair Color: Sandly Blond
Eye Color: Pale Blue
-Doujutsu: None
Body Type: Muscular near the chest, but even more muscular towards his legs.
-Height: 4'9" normally hunched, 5'3" when standing straight
-Clothing: Hokage Robes, under which Adamantine Battle Armor is worn -See Sarutobi for details-

Personality and Traits
His eyes sparkle with amusement, contradicting the more intimidating demeanor of his hunched body, but showing more of the amusing side of the young kage. He frequently shares small fits of hapiness, but he is young, and quite serious when regarding the sake of others, despite his otherwise rather happy demeanor. The title is stressful for a young man, making him value the opinions of others, even his enemies. He has become somewhat co-dependant, looking heavily on the advice of people like Roxas and other ANBU members. He has a weird obsession with chocolate, and frequently goes into a stage of withdrawl without it. Another unusual thing is his unusual fascination with his enemies, often delving into their personal lives to understand more about them, and learn what to do about it. Even more, the effect of the frog Bijuu greatly increases his skin nature, making it somewhat cold, and gives him a tendancy to croak now and then.
Likes: Frogs, Chocolate, Roxas (Like an Elder Brother)
Dislikes: Vanilla, Haters of Konohagakure, Pecimists
Fears: Being alone, since he is co-dependant, he relies heavily on the pressence of others and tends to enter a panic when he is alone with no one near by.
Religion: N/A
Catch Phrase: "Just put one foot in front of the other..."

Rank and Skill Information
Country/Village: Konohagakure no Sato
-Loyalty: 10
Village Rank: Kage
-Skill Rank: S
-Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: Kekkei Genkai
-Main: Poison
-Sub: Suiton
-Sub: Hyouten
Jutsu List:

Body Flicker - E
Transformation - E
Escape - E
Clone - E
Replacement - E
Crow Clone - C
Shadow Clone - B
Clone Great Explosion - A
Water Clone - C
Ice Clone - B
Poison Clone - A
Water Prison - C
Water Collsion Waves - B
Water Great Vortex - A
Five Eating Sharks - A
Shark Bullet - B
Water Dragon - B
Dual Water Dragon - A
Syrup Capture Field - B
Water Cutting Wave - C
Thousand Ice Needles - C
Ice Forming -Creates an Item out of Ice- - C
Massive Ice Forming -Forms Large things like buildings from Ice- - A
Crystal Ice Mirros - A
Crystal Ice Mirrors: Demon Hell -A spin off of Crystal Ice mirrors where the mirrors speed around in circles, further disorienting the opponet. One can also create clones to do the same affect as the user as in Crystal Ice Mirrors- - S
Poison Excreation: -The user forces amount small amounts of deadly poison through their skin- - B
Poison Mist -A veil of poison mist- - A
Kai - X
Poison Digestion -Allows the user to digest poisons with no harm- - A
Liquid Manipulation: Allows one to Manipulate Liquids (Move them through the air and around at will. Can not boil water) -Kekkei Genkai + Bijuu Control- - S
Hydration - S
Summoning -Frog Contract- - X (Regular Frogs and Extremely large Frogs, the Frog Cheif is a large creature, similar in size and appearence as Gamabunta, except green in color. He is reffered to as Chief, and wields around an indian like staff and all sorts of nature like garnets, adorned in a large brown animal skin cloak. Frogs of many various sizes)
Shuriken Shadow Clone - B Rank
Raining Frogs -The user combines a mass summoning jutsu, to manually summon up to ten, larg,e five hundred pound frogs which will be summoned in the air and fall with a force to smash enemies around the user- -A Rank
Great Waterfall - B
Exploding Water Current - A
Strong Water Arm - B
Violent Bubble Wave - C
Needle Jizo - B
Rapid Lions Mane - A
Rasengan - B
Oodama Rasengan - A
Evil Sealing Method - A
Fire Sealing Method - B
Water Sealing Method - B
Wind Sealing Method - B
Lightning Sealing Method - B
Earth Sealing Method - B
Five Element Seal - A
Five Element Unseal - A
Corpse Spirit Sealing Method - S
Finger Engraving Seal - C
Journey into black Darkness - A
Tree Binding Death - B
Hiding in a Frog - C
Frog Conversion - C
All Direction Shuriken - A
Vanashing Facial Copy - B

X = Rank Varies

Clan Name: Hyouten - Vassal to the Gobi Bijuu
Clan Location: Mainly Kiri, but all through the world
Kekkei Genkai: Ice Manipulation
Clan Traits: Ice, The Redemption of their Clan, for the bloody past of their clan.
Secret Clan Jutsu:
All Ice Jutsu Listed in Jutsu
Bijuu Power: 5 Tails, when going through large amounts of pain, Fudo can allow the bijuu to take over, surrounding Fudo in green chakra, giving him a small tail, increasing all attributes by 1.5
Tail 2: Double tail 1 (3 Times Stats)
Tail 3: Double tail 2 (6)
Tail 4: Double tail 3 (12)
Tail 5: One Point 5 tail 4 (18 times stats)
MASTERY: 7 (Can control 7/10 of the bijuu and its chakra; can manually activate up to tail 2)

Name: Metal Weapons Gauntlet
Quantity: 1
Rank: B
Appearance: (See Demon Brother's Gauntlet)
Special Abilities/Characteristics:
Slots around the wrist that carry 5 kunai that can be launched or popped out
Shuriken launcher capable of popping out or shooting up to 10 shuriken
Senbon blaster loaded with sixty five senbon
Spiked Claws which act as daggers on the fingers
Smoke Bomb blaster that is loaded with three smoke bombs
Scroll Ejection Ring, a small metal piece on the outside of the glove carrying three ejectable scrolls, which can be launched out of the gauntlet and caught.

Origin: Forged Specially for the Hokage, to help spend less time worrying about weapons in battle. Given to the kage as a cerimonial gift by his borther like figure Roxas.

Frog contract


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PostSubject: Re: Fudo Hokage   Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:15 am

Austin, could you use the jutsu template? It makes everything a whole lot easier...
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Village : Konoha
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PostSubject: Re: Fudo Hokage   Thu Feb 18, 2010 5:35 pm

(I know, its not done yet, Im just listing them so I know what to add.)
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Village : Konoha
Gender : Male
Post Count : 135
Join date : 2010-02-17
Age : 21
Location : In...A place...
Dating : Smackledorfed

PostSubject: Re: Fudo Hokage   Thu Feb 18, 2010 6:01 pm

Ill edit him tonight, if I have no school, tommorow if I do
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PostSubject: Re: Fudo Hokage   

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Fudo Hokage

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