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Mission Board Guide

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Mission Board Guide Empty Mission Board Guide

Post by S.L. Admin on Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:16 pm

Shinobi Legacies | Mission Board Guide

Introduction to the Mission Board

The Mission Board was designed to be a like a bulletin board which is commonly seen on Naruto where the ninja 'poofs' in and picks up they're weekly missions and then 'poofs' out again. We wanted the mission board to be something fun and also something to occupy the bored and lonely who have no one to RP with and want the mission style that Naruto has. Members need something to do when Campaign/Special Missions are not available, and this is the perfect answer to that.

The Mission System on SL also shows us who is consistent with they're missions and are actively role-playing on the site. With the member gaining more and more missions on their Report Card, their Kage will notice and consider them for a rank-up. Consistently role-playing also improves your own RPing ability and this will also help you to gain higher ranking on the site, and impress not only yourself but your role-playing peers.

How Do I Apply For A Mission?

Applying for a mission is easy when it comes to the Mission Board. When you enter the Mission Board click into the Mission Bulletin area and below you will see a topic marked as "Sticky" called Accepting Missions. Read the rules of this topic and then read the instructions and what they ask of you. You will then be accepted for a mission by a staff member. But make sure you read up about all the wonderful missions that are within your rank before you apply for one as there are many to choose from.

I Have A Great Mission Idea!

If you have a great mission idea and wish to do that mission then there is only one place for you to go. Once you enter the Mission Board click on the forum called . Here is where you can create that great mission idea of yours and Role-play that idea. But make sure you read the rules and regulations that you must abide by first, before you attempt to post that idea. Also, when posting your idea make sure to use the template given.

Mission Bulletin

- Konoha Missions
- Kiri Missions
- Kumo Missions
- Suna Missions

Underneath these heading will be the ranks ranging from D to S ranked missions which ninja can apply for.
Note: That one mission will be posted every 2 weeks or so, which is also the mission time limit (on all missions). If a person doesn't finish the mission within 2 weeks he must finish that mission before moving on to the next one.

Custom Creations

- Custom Missions
(Here is where you can create a mission using your own idea for either yourself or a group of members)
Note: That Custom Missions will count for weekly missions. But they have the same time limit as weekly missions which is 2 weeks. Also, you can only create a custom mission within your own rank.

Make Note:!
All Missions that are created by you (site members) must be accurate in spelling, grammar and status in the site. What is meant by that is don't create a mission which doesn't apply to the country which it is located in or a made up king which may not be real. e.g Making a mission in Suna where you have to kill a monster which is located in the lake. Suna obviously doesn't have a giant lake so make sure your missions are accurate in that regard or they will be instantly denied.

- Personal NPC Creation
(Members will use the template given to create they're own NPC character which must be your own rank level to help them during a mission. You are only allowed 1 NPC character through out all your mission. NPC characters that are approved by staff will be tagged/moved to the approved NPC area + a link will be given to the NPC creators profile seeing as how the NPC is stuck with you until he or she dies. A mod/admin will approve them as usual.
Note:For any further information on NPC characters please read the 'sticky' titled Personal NPC Guide.
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