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Personal NPC Guide

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Personal NPC Guide Empty Personal NPC Guide

Post by S.L. Admin on Wed Feb 17, 2010 4:18 pm

Personal NPC Guide

NPC characters on this site are created to be the extra person or the aid on missions. When squads are sent on missions (e.g Genin Squad 1) instead of a villian or playerable character playing the opposing force in that mission we will have a NPC character instead. This way it is more realistic and site members characters don't have to die in a mission that they necessarily wouldn't be in.

Getting Started

Any member on the site is able to create a NPC Character using the template given. Once you have created that character a moderator or admin will check it just like any other creation on the site. It will then be approved (If good enough) and will be sent to the approved NPC area. Once a mission has been created and approved a moderator or admin will make a note of the approved NPC character and link it to the mission which you desire it to be in.

Your NPC character can be either role-played by a member who is apart of the mission you are in (i.e yourself) or you can ask another member of the site to play as your NPC. Getting another member to RP as your NPC is obviously a lot more challenging and rewarding, and this approach is mostly used when a fight is anticipated in the mission you are attending. But while going on a mission that is a "Social Thread" of sorts, RPing as your own NPC is much more acceptable.

Keep in mind that you are only allowed to create one NPC character at a time. You can ask to create another one once your mission has finished, but your current NPC must either be dead or inactive (via historical archieves and storage). Also, your NPC doesn't always have to be a villian. Members could even make an animal for a mission that involves you catching it, as it could be almost anything. The only thing that you are limited by is your imagination.[/quote]
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