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The Puppet Shop

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The Puppet Shop Empty The Puppet Shop

Post by Zanza on Wed Feb 24, 2010 5:44 pm

OCC: The Puppet Shop is a 3 story building a few blocks from the hokage's office. The third floor is Zanza's living quarters and the second is a stock rooom level for anything and everything. The entire first floor is the shop. Shin died a few months back when the original building burned down. However Zanza built a puppet of him and has the puppper sit behind a counter near by because some of his best customers refuse to see anyone but shin and even though they know its a puppet they still enjoy it. Everyone has been told that the puppet was made froms cratch to look like shin. Only Zanza knows that the puppet was made from his bodie.

This is my open and closed sign if it says closed dont bother posting.

It would be the same sign thats on the door. Mainly itll say open but when i leave the topic ill change it to closed becuase the shop is a one person thing. And if im not in the topic then you cant be simple as that cause store wouldnt be open.

Anyways what your about to read took place a few months back when Zanza first ook over the shop.

Zanza cussed internaly as the wire snapped befor he could get the string in place. "Damnit" Zanza was sitting at the counter of his puppet shop working on an arm. A side latch was opened and he was seting up and a realease trap so that with a wrist flick a blade could be shot from the base of the palm.his rear left hand was on the base of the arm where it would attch at the elbow. His mid left arm was holding the latch open while the front left arm dug for a new peice of wire. His rear right was holding the wrist attchment area of the other end of the puppet arm. his mid right was holding a screwdriver to a screw ready to tighten a screw. His front right was also fiddling with a wire. Zanza was staring intently at the arm when there was a loud crash as the store door flew open. Snaping his head up all he saw was a small arm reach out from behind the shelf and slam the door closed. Zanza quitely put everything down. He adjusted his headband to make sure it was coviering his 3rd eye useing his front arms. Quickly makeing a kunai from sticky gold. Zanza walked towards the end of the shelf as quitely as possible. As he reached the end of the asile he carefully stuck his head around the corner to see the back of a child. The child had long black hair and was wearing black leggings with her black sandels. emo much? was the thought that crossed Zanzas mind. "Who are you.?" Zanza asked the child spun her head to look Zanza straight in the eyes. With a slight scream she lept away from him towards the door W...w....who are you?" she asked finally Zanza just smirked. "I asked first and your in my shop." As Zanza said this he hid away the kunai and stepped out from behind the shelf. He could see the girl stareing at his arms. "Your a puppet?" she asked. Zanza was shocked at the question most people just saw him as a freak but the idea of addition puppet limbs wasnt unheard of. Zanza shook his head. "No they're real. Im Zanza and your in my puppet shop now can you tell me your name?" Zanza knelt down in front of the girl and stuck out his front right arm for a hand shake. The girl stared for a moment and then shook his hand. "Midori." She said. "Well midori come with me." Zanza stood and walked back over to the conter there was a chair on each side because some of Zanza's clients were people with puppet limbs to replace lost human limbs. Moveing around the counter Zanza sat town and went to work on the arm. The girl followed and hopped up into the chair across from him. "So you wanna tell me why you barged into my shop out of the blue?" Zanza asked calmly. He wasnt angry infact he thought it to be kinda of ironic because of how he had found the shop. Zanza glanced up and took careful note of what the girl was wearing it was all black everything was black. and the arms on her sleeves and legs were skin tight. There was something odd then it downed on Zanza her neck was black to. The girl noticed him stareing and spoke "Oh excuse me." A moment later the black sleeves and neck thing began to reced. A moment later the girl was just sitting there in a light blue skirt and a light pink t shirt. "Hmmm what was that?" The girl began to explain what had happened. She was a nara. Her older brother was a geinus with shadows but she couldnt get her shadows to attck anyone or anything for that matter. All she could do was the defense she just had up and use tendrils to pick things up. After a solid 10 to 15 minutes of her talking the door burst open again. Befor even seeing the door Zanza noted the shadow defense going up on the girl looking over her shoulder to the door she saw a couple of kids about the girls age. A few of them just stood there quitely. One approched "Hey freak." The ignorant child called "The girls with us so were just take her on home now." The boy reach up to grab the girls arm but Zanza was already on top of it. He spat some web at the boys arms. It caught and his hand spun and caught his chest now his left hand was caught to his chest. "Leave" Zanza said without a second thought they did. Zanza went back to working on the arm. Then he herd the door close. When he looked up he saw a shadow tendril in midair coming from the girl. "Thank you" She said. Zanza simply smiled.

Hours went by and Zanza and the child talked customers came in and out and the girl was polite and the customers didnt seem to mind her. Around dusk a women with long black hair burst through the door. "Midori" She yelled "Oh thank god" She ran up to the young girl and hugged her very tightly. "Hi mom" Zanza herd the girl say. then he herd the woman speak again. "I hope she hasnt caused you any trouble." Zanza looked up. "Huh? trouble? no that brats that were chaseing her might of broke my floor with there dirty shoes but the floor will be alright." The women smiled at him. "Thank you. Lets go midori." Takeing her daughter by the hand the women led midori out. As she did midori looked back and smiled "Thanks Zanza" She said. Zanza simply smiled.

The next day Zanza walked towards the shop. From blocks away he had been able to smell smoke. It never dawned on him why that could possibly be until he rounded the corner and saw a huge crowed gather around hi shop. Zanza lit up "customer? this many? sweet." zanza thought to himself as he approched as he got closer he saw why there were so many people around. None were customers waiting to enter the shop. There was not shop it was burned to the ground. Zanza sat in front of wehre the shop used to be for hours on end. Later that day Zanza herd a voice coming from around the corner. It was midori. a moment later she came running around the corner her entire body from head to toe was black except her eyes. Zanza watched as she ran towards him. Stoping beside him once she reached him she asked "Why arent you inside Zanza?" Zanza simply pointed. Midori stared in horror. She sat beside Zanza. When the same gang of kids came around the corner the same one as yesterday came running up while the others hung back. "Thats what you get you stupid freaks lets see you try to run now." He snarled at the two of them. Zanza simply looked and stared an ice cold glare. "Whos running?" Zanza asked. The boy said nothing he simply turned and ran back to the others and then they all took off in the other direction. "Midori" Zanza said after turning his head back to the ruins. "Its going to take me a while but im going to get this place rebuilt. When i do would you like to come visit again?" Zanza asked. Midori looked at Zanza and smiled "Of course"

The shop was finished being rebuilt a short while ago. Midori has returned so if your in the shop i might use her as an npc in my posts. Zanza will ocasinaoly refer to shin to get out of a post but hes dead. Other than that theres nothing generic if you want a puppet built i need major detailed planing. If you want a puppet sealed into a srcoll i can do that to. However they will cost you money. Scroll sealing not that much but puppet being built will.

Other that its a fairly relax place ^^
Any post after this will be current.

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