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 Musouka Clan.

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PostSubject: Musouka Clan.   Wed Feb 24, 2010 11:28 pm

Clan Name: Musouka.

Clan Location: Wind Country.

Clan Cap: 0/3

Kekkei Genkai:



The Buraindogan was developed by the Musouka clan and first awakened many century's ago in the heart of the wind Country, each member of the Musouka clan is born with the innate ability of very descriptive and complex dreams which later can be translated into there Genjutsu skills. As they progress in there quest to conquer there subconscious illusion the member starts to focus more upon activating there Dojutsu, they seem to grow exhausted; dreams at night lengthen making one hour of sleep seem like a eternity. But with the eventual progression the member is able to conquer there dream world; and after there's a substantial amount of trauma to the user's mental functions the Dojutsu Activates letting them make use of the eye's powers. The Buraindogan allows one to amplify their chakra boundary to encompass a certain area, and once the Barrier is put up it makes traditional children's games real. The Dojutsu makes the rules and anyone who steps within the boundaries of its Chakra Barrier is forced to play by those rules, including the user; which can prove to be a great disadvantage. This is associated with the bulk of the techniques of the Musouka, and like all other techniques, is divided into power levels depending on ranks; Games are made in the same way Jutsu is, although the eye specifies on traditional Japenese games, new games, styles and variants can be made with sufficient training. But the games being only one of the three abilities the Buraindogan has it seems to be the most widely used.

[Genin - Can extend their Barrier over a ten meter radius, can be held for three posts.]
[Chuunin - Can extend their Barrier over a twenty meter radius, can be held for five posts.]
[Jounin - Can extend their Barrier over a thirty meter radius, can be held for seven posts.]
[S Ranks - Can extend their Barrier over a forty meter radius, can be held for nine posts.]


The Buraindogan's least known attribute is its advanced ability to cast and sustain Illusions Aka: Genjutsu through various methods such as eye contact and spacial Genjutsu. The Musouka Clansmen have been known for the natural affinity for the arts of illusion and when integrated with there Game Range ability, it makes for quick and simple methods to trick the opponents to believing they have voided or escaped the technique. With the power of illusions the Musouka clan members can distinquish and reflect/reverse Genjutsu; somewhat manipulate there opponents letting them take advantages of momentary lapses in judgment.


The sight that the Buraindogan gives the user is unlike most dojutsu's before it, instead of being able to read and gauge the opponents chakra or see Tenketsu points; the eye allows the users to look into the opponents body and see there living cells; In most situations this is quite useless but when batted up against a opponent who enjoys using Bunshin it makes quick work of the clones as it allows the Musouka member to pick out the creator. The Buraindogan has been know be used in various transplants, but much like other implanted dojutsu it consumes more chakra than if the actual member used it.

Clan Traits: The Musouka clan members are known for there Light colored hair and there fleeting personalities lit with a hot temper, they are a fairly good looking group of people there genes seem to be well in tact. But often there aggressiveness tends to get them in trouble especially dealing with village matters; they often to pick the road with the most bloodshed and death as there strategy. But often most members seem to be bordering on the genuis, but with use of there Dojutsu some smarts has to come into play.

Secret Clan Jutsu:


Clan History:

No where to call home Arc:
Long Before the age of villages many clans waged war upon one another and much like the uchiha clan in present Konoha the Musouka clan fought needlessly everyday just to maintain there territory, battle after battle life after life; Musouka's couldn't hold out any longer and after there last invasion there clan elders assembled the remnants of there people and collected few items they could and went there separate ways. A few years later the clans started to form making individual villages and a man by the name of Mayuri Musouka migrated to Sunagakure as they started to take stragglers, they noticed his abilities and he was soon promoted gaining a high status amongst the villagers. And soon rising to power; meeting young women in the village he was able to take a bride and soon have young- lings in which he could pass down the Buraindogan and eventually restore his departed clan.

Mayuri Musouka.

"The man who brought us back from the Depths."

Replenishing Arc:
But of course life isn't always easy to predict, with the whole village on his side he was soon elected for the Kazekage position which obviously he couldn't refuse this being one of the ways he could bring his clan back to its full power allowing full control of a country. And as the years faded by the young man Mayuri saw in the mirror was fading into a lonesome old man with only fear and hate to drive him, with the ensuing war threats and additional attempts on the kazekage's life the village had to find a stronger leader. And with the promiscuous way about him the kazekage was able to almost fully reinstate the clan to its full power in the thirty years he reined. Now with three Generations of clan members growing Mayuri had wasted no time in fertilizing women spread across the village, and as rumors spread it was said that the Musouka clan planed a Coup D' on Suna. With the village elders meeting in secret and the ANBU root Plotting against the Musouka clan there was surely no hope and it looked to the Kazekage that it would be Genocide.

Prediction Confirmed Arc:
Yet again the Musouka's were faced with another war yet through the years they had taken precautions to keep the upper-hand the clan had developed Kinjutsu that would give them advantages in battle. And so as the tension continued there was a small outbreak of fighting between the ANBU and the Kazekage's Royal guard, this being the first of many battles it was easily handled and forgotten; but as more and more was soon to arise things around the village started to change, curfews were set early and shinobi were only allowed out the village gates at designated times and only with a group of five or more. And the Musouka clan was on full lock down; Mayuri hadn't left his mansion in weeks and his illnesses was starting to get the best of him. And like a thief in the night two assassinations broke into the mansion assassinating the Kazekage and Clan leader, as the self righteous clan was weak the village attacked destroying clan property and many lives. After a few days of fighting the Village ANBU came out successful over the Musouka's, spearing only a handful of clan members they lived under full supervision with seals placed upon there tongues as to not spread talk of mutiny.

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PostSubject: Re: Musouka Clan.   Thu Feb 25, 2010 3:08 am

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Musouka Clan.

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