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 Tifa Shinoku (done)

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Tifa Shinoku


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PostSubject: Tifa Shinoku (done)   Sat Feb 27, 2010 12:06 am

General Information

Name: Tifa Shinoku
Nickname/Alias: Doesn't have one
Age: 15
Gender: Female
(Pretty much my avi, but I can draw a new one)

Tifa wears a short white zip up dress that fits her body perfectly and isn't completely zipped up all the way, revealing some of her black laced tank top that she wears underneath. The zipper then runs all the way down then stops four inches before the end of the dress, being left unzipped. On the straps of her dress, a navy blue hood is buckled onto the straps.

Tifa wears very short black spandex shorts that stretch to allow her to move freely when fighting.These shorts are rarely seen as they are covered by her dress.

Tifa wears black knee-high boots. Instead of buttoning the top, she ties a bright blue silk ribbon around the top, the color resembling her eyes and her mother's. Below the ribbon she wears charcoal gray metal shin guards to protect her shins; performing her jutsu Siren's Kiss, it allows her to force all of her chakra and weight into her legs and fists, so she's always kicking things. On the metal plates, black wave-like swirls run up both sides of the plates; the waves are outlined in a bright blue color, contrasting against the charcoal gray of the plates. The way how these shin guards stay on is by two white belts that are connected on each side of where the shin guards stop and buckle around her leg. One buckle is located above her ankle and the other is halfway up the shin guard.

On Tifa's right arm's bicep she wears a satin-bright blue ribbon that is tied into a bow, symbolizing that she us willing to fight for anything no matter what. On her neck she wears a black choker that her mother had given to her as a child. A crystal opal dangles right beneath the choker and is centered. Almost looking like a cat's collar with a bell.

As a kid, Tifa wore her light blonde hair differently than she does now. Her bangs used to sweep just above her right eye, and was clipped in place by a diamond barratte her father had given to her. Now, she wears her light blonde hair in a style of her mother's. With this style, the bangs on her right side stick up and fall in layers to the side, looking sort of like a wave. On her left side she has just one bang simply fall down the side of her face. She then has longer bangs that fall past her chest that she parts from her longer hair in the back. Her hair that falls down her back stops five inches before her waist. (As in pic above)

Eyes and Figure:
Tifa was born with her mother's unique eyes. Her irises are outlined by a thick black circle, then her irises are a very bright, turquoise blue, very vibrant and catches a lot of attention when in public. A blue that is two shades deeper than her irises normal color than outline her black pupils. Tifa has a very fit figure. She's in perfect shape, and she has natural tan creamy skin.

Personality: Tifa is friendly, humorous, sensitive, and kind. She comes off as naive and rather clueless, which is at odds with her exceptionally high marks with being a medical ninja. Tifa has a tendency to rush into situations without thinking, but this only occurs when someone she cares about is superbly injured. She also tends to have an overactive imagination when she gets very bored and gets carried away thinking of implausible scenarios. Despite that, Tifa is highly known around her village for her kindness towards others and her impressive medical skills at such a young age. She has no problem speaking her mind, even if she doesn't know the person, and is the type of person to stand up for what she strongly believes in. She also has a tough personality, due to her father always telling her to raise her chin and toughen up. When her father had died, she hadn't shed a tear, thinking that she had to be tough in order to make him proud, so that takes a huge role in her personality. On the other side of her kind and tough character, Tifa worries a lot, and is known as her mother's open book, because her emotions are easily stamped onto her forehead.
When it comes to fighting, Tifa doesn't take it all that serious in the beginning, depending on the situation; radiating calmness instead of fear or nervousness. Tifa likes to pick at her her opponent slowly piece by piece, figuring out their weakness and using it against them. She can pick up superbly quickly, and by analyzing her opponent's strategies, she can easily turn their own strategies against themselves. Having the huge fear of losing, Tifa will not give up until she wins, and always finishes what she started. She prefers to work alone, but when she does has a partner to work with in battle, she only cares about them, making them come first before her, willing to protect them in even if it means sacrificing her own life for them. She's very intelligent, and she's very good when it comes to memorization.

Personality Trait's: Helping others. She's so eager to help someone else that she never has time to care for herself.

Catch Phrase: "Sure, sure..."

Clan Information

Clan Name:--
Kekkei Genkai:--
Clan Symbol:--
Clan Jutsu:--
Clan History:--

Rank Information:
Country: Konoha
Village Rank: CHuunin
Skill Rank: B

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Medical/Ninjutsu
Main: Medical
Sub: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Raiton, Suiton
Main: Raiton

Special Characteristics: (What things are special about your char, this is optional. This could include special training to increase hand sign speed among many other things.)


Name: Blue Queen
Rank: B
Special Abilities: The sword allows Tifa to drain her enemy's chakra if they are stabbed by the sword. Their chakra draining slowly into the sword gives her more chakra and it superbly boosts up it's strength, including hers. It was made to gain chakra to allow her to gain more chakra for using it to heal and what not. It cannot do anything special besides the chakra draining, but other from that it is just a normal broad sword.
Origin:On a team, the medical ninja must always be careful, having to keep an eye on their enemy at all times, because if they were to get hurt or killed, there goes your medical ninja on your team, and it some cases, your whole team. So for being the medical nin on her team, her brother Sion had made her a sword by hand, creating it for her to defend herself when in battle.

Jutsus: (Use the the following template)



Background Information
Tifa is the daughter of Lynn and Haru Shinoku and the younger sister of Sion Shinoku. Her mother was a medical ninja, so her mother was always teaching her the basics of healing. Her father was never around due to being a Jounin; and had died on a mission when Tifa was just eleven, making Tifa much closer to her brother as she leaned on him for support.

Genin: When Tifa was just an academy student, Tifa was mostly found training alone. When her father was home, which was rare due to being a Jounin, he'd teach her the basics that'd she'd need to know to be a genin. When she was 12 and the time came to be a genin, she passed easily. She wasn't as strong as her two other teammates, Zero Uchiha and Setoshi Soichiro, which aggravated her very much because she felt like a weakling compared to them.

Chuunin: When Tifa was 14, she had been majorly injured in the chuunin exams because she was always relying on her teammates to protect her, and due to that she wasn't very good when it came to fighting. She felt horrible, feeling like she was holding the whole team back with how weak she was. She didn't want her team being held back because of a weak being, and it was then that Tifa realized that relying on others to fight her battles had been very unwise and stupid. She resolved to better her ninja abilities from that point further. She wanted to part away from the team for extra training after what had happened, and her sensai thought it'd be good for all of them to do it, but Tifa had been the only one to leave. Tifa had been waiting for that moment of reunion, so when they met up in a year or two, she could show them how strong she had gotten.
After the team split up, Tifa went under her mother's medical teachings to learn everything there was to healing, wanting to boost her healing techniques before anything. Her mother had realized how much chakra Tifa had, and at how excellent Tifa was at controlling her own chakra, doing it with simple ease. Her mother thought it'd be good for her to help out with her when she had patients, to put her to the test. Her first test was ranked for a Medical ninja who had to of had three years of training, but then again, Tifa was always surprising her parents as always, and she did the test without hesitation. Because of her mother, she was earned the position of being the medical ninja on her team. Besides training with medical skills, Tifa went under her older brother's training. Her brother, Sion, was a Jounin, so he taught her many new skills; she had also made up her own jutsus. Tifa is now superbly stronger, known to being one of the strongest girls in one village she had traveld to for certain training with Sion. She is very intelligent when it comes to reading her opponents movements and weaknesses, allowing her to win a battle quickly. She can control her chakra and use it greatly with ease.

RP Sample:
Tifa walked along the side of the dirt road, the breeze gently motioning her blonde hair to the east and kicking up some dirt from the road. The sun was blazing above her, it's warmth kissing her face. The robin egg blue sky was empty except for a few shredded cirrus clouds here and there. The sky then disappeared from above as she walked further into the forest, the sky now becoming a myrtle green as she was now walking beneath the great banyan trees' canopies. Hints of sunlight made it's way through the canopies where it wasn't so thick, revealing patches of light. She was about to press her foot down as she took a step forward but she paused on her heel, all of a sudden swiftly twirling around and catching three of the six kunais that had just been thrown at her from the shadows of the deep forest ahead. The other three flew past her.

She twirled the kunais around her fingers as she waited calmly for the enemy to come out. Finally, a foot emerged from the shadows, than the body. As they stood in the sun light, Tifa just stared at the, not interested at the moment. She was in no mood to waste her time over a pitiful fight as her eyes analyzed the man before her. He had orange hair that stuck up in a messy manner. He wore a mask that covered his whole face, but on the left side it revealed the left side of his mouth and nose, than swirling to the side and up as it covered his eye and up. There was no eye hole on the left side. On the right side of the mask where the mouth was, it had a large grin on it, no lips outlining the teeth, making it look like the mask was grinning sadistically. A thick line of black ink outlined the eye hole, then twirled up the temple. He wore a brown long shawl as it draped over his body, the hood pulled down. Her eyes than shifted towards his crooked headband that was tied on his head, but it was twisted to the side, the plate right behind his ear, glistening in the sunlight. She narrowed her eyes the slightest bit as she read the symbol. She stopped twirling the kunais and clutched them in between her fingers.

He then swiftly bent downward, his cape flowing up and revealing a plethora of kunais that had explosive tags on them. Tifa clenched her jaw shut as he swiftly reached for three of them. She pounced back as one flew by, digging into the trunk of a tree and exploding. The tree flew up in flames in a matter of seconds, and Tifa turned around to see where the man had gone but he had disappeared. She scanned the area and her eyes caught something shining in the trees, and she placed her hand on her sword's handle and flickered beside the man, taking her sword out and swinging it to the side with a lot of power. He barely dodged it as the blade slammed into the tree, slicing it in half. As he flipped backwards and landed on the ground, he lifted his arm to look at his cape. Tifa had cut half of it off with her sword. She landed in front of him and smirked at her work, and he charged towards her, his hands glowing with blue chakra. Wanting to play by his game, she dug her sword into the ground beside her and did hand signs, her fists and starting from her knees and down glowing a brighter blue as she preformed Siren's Kiss. With this jutsu Tifa had taught herself, she gathers an immense amount of chakra into her fists and legs and then releases it on contact with an object, lightning flowing through the chakra, causing severe damage to whatever she hits. All of her weight and strength goes into this move, and can shatter bones within the body if she puts a certain amount of power into it. She grabbed a hold of his fist and pushed it to the side, kicking him right in the rib cage with her shin. He yelled in pain as all of the weight she put into it crashed upon his side. Before he stumbled to the side, he reached his other fist over his arm and punched Tifa square in the jaw, both of them flying back in opposite directions from their hits. Tifa's back smacked against the banyan tree's thick hollow trunk, smashing it in two. The man flew into the ground, boulders of gravel flying outward from beneath him. He skidded to a stop as he hit a thick tree root, and he sat up slowly. As he looked up, he saw Tifa five inches away from him, falling towards him with her right fist pulled back, her left hand outstretched towards him as she was making precise aiming. He quickly rolled to the side right as she punched the ground where he had been just a second ago, the ground exploding beneath her punch; a large crack thundering ahead of her with large boulders flying upward from the ground. With her fist still pressed against the ground and bent over, her hair flowed in the wind from the impact, and her gaze shifted towards him. He fluidly stood up to his feet and appeared behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist and yanking her up and backwards, bending his back as he smashed her into the ground. Her head hit the ground very hard, and her body then going limp. He let go of her and stood up straight, his back facing her, cracking his neck. All of a sudden, a wave of blistering electricity coursed through him, and he couldn't move his body, but he managed to turn his head slightly to the side and peek behind him from the corner of his eye. Standing two yards away, Tifa was panting heavily, blood drizzling down both corners of her mouth and her clothes scuffed up with dirt. She had her hands up mid-way, and connected to her finger tips were chakra strings that attached to every limb on him. She twitched her pointer finger up, then pulled her hand back, electricity flowing through the chakra strings and stunning him; he was than yanked back as she pulled her hand back. Since he was stunned, he couldn't move any of his arms of legs, and he flew towards Tifa. She then pulled her right hand back further-pulling him closer to her at a very high speed now- and punching him right in the gut. He coughed up blood as the chakra flowed through her fist and into his stomach. He flew back but she rose her hands and crossed them, yanking them downward and pulling him towards the ground. He slammed into the ground, more electricity rushing into him. He writhed in pain on the ground as he was being shocked. As she slightly grinned, she twitched both of her middle fingers up, sending him upward and towards her. As he was being reeled in, he made the attempt to grab a kunai that had a chakra tag wrapped around it and cut the chakra strings, setting him free. He hit and rolled onto the ground, pulling his head up to look at Tifa. The chakra strings hung loose, but you could see the electricity being sent back towards her, shocking her. She screamed in pain as it stunned her, her body slowly bending forward as she tried to fight off the stunning. He pushed off of the ground with his palms and flipped upward, reaching for his katana and taking it out of it's sheath.

He then pushed off of a tree and was sent soaring through the air towards her. Her head snapped up as he got closer, and she quickly did hand signs. He swung his katana forward and impaled her right in the chest, but his eyes widened beneath his mask as he and the katana went through her. He was about to hit the ground face first but he placed his free hand on the ground and pushed upward, flipping onto his feet. It was like she had completely turned into nothing. She turned to him and painfully smirked, still slightly stunned. She had done a jutsu she taught herself, one that she calls Translucent body skill; by turning her chakra into liquid, it allows Tifa to go through any object as her body turns into water. He could taste the blood in his mouth, and he spat to the side. He nodded his head towards her sword. "What's the use of packing a sword like that if your not even going to use it?" he asked, panting heavily. Tifa's eyes quickly glanced at it then back at him. She appeared behind her sword and clutched the handle, ripping it out of the ground and hoisting it onto her shoulder. It was at least twice her size.

The left side of the man's mouth twitched upward into a smile, and he flickered in front of her, slashing his sword at her. She bent her knees and pushed back, the smallest tip of his long katana cutting her forehead. She skidded backwards as she landed on her feet. She could feel the warm blood pour out of the large scratch on her forehead. It then dripped down her nose and ran down the sides of her cheeks. She gritted her teeth as she tried to ignore the pain. She wasn't going to try to heal it and waste chakra on the scratch. She then looked at him with a pissed expression, glaring at him. He chuckled lightly to himself, and stood in a crouched stance, motioning his finger to come closer if she dared. She broke into a quick sprint towards him, jumping side to side, picking wind. His head snapped side to side as he tried to stay with her, but her speed was too quick. Before he knew it, she appeared in front of him and twirled to the side, slashing her sword. He jumped back, but her sword cut deeply along his arm, starting from his upper bicep and ending just above his wrist. He clenched his jaw and staggered back, digging his foot into the ground; his sword clashing into her's. She pushed down, but he had his palm pressed against the flat side of his katana, allowing him to hold her off. He pushed her off and kicked her in the face, sending her through the air. She stuck her hands down and dug her fingers into the ground, flipping her upward and landing onto her feet. He then flickered beside her, his fist glowing blue.

Disappearing from in front of her, he appeared right behind her and went to punch her again but she jumped to the side and grasped onto it, twisting it behind him. He yelled in pain, then ducked and swooped his leg to knock her off balance. Tifa fell to the ground on her back, knocking the wind out of her. An oof escaped her lips, and as she sat up, he punched her in the face, sending her through a tree. It's trunk snapped in half like a small twig as she hit it. She rolled backwards and finally came to a stop, her head throbbing. She opened her eyes and saw him standing above her, about to send another blow to her face. She grabbed his fist and pulled him towards her with such force, kneeing him right in the face. Hearing sharp bone-shattering noises, she smirked in success as she broke his nose. His head knocked back and blood gushed out of his nose. She rolled back onto her upper back and put her hands above her shoulders, pushing off and landing onto her feet. She spun around and high kicked him in the face, sending him into mid air. Tifa ran next to him, and she cupped her hand around his throat, slamming him into the ground. The second time she went to slam him into the ground, he pulled out a kunai from his cape and stabbed her forearm, the kunai going right through it and sticking out of the other side. She screamed in pain, clutching her arm to her stomach.

She painfully tore the kunai out of her arm, blood gushing out as the kunai was ripped out. She threw it to the ground and placed her hand over the huge gash in her arm, her hands glowing green as she did mystical palm healing jutsu. She had to stall a bit before it healed all the way, so she ran to the side, having him chase her for a couple of minutes. When the healing was complete and he was right on her heels, she swiftly turned around and elbowed him in the face, his mask shattering into a million tiny pieces. He flew back before she could even see his face, and watched him fly into the small lake that was nearby. He skidded on the surface like a skipping stone, and before he could sink, Tifa grabbed him by the shirt as she stood ontop of the water, turning him around. She shot her arm downward, about the punch him but immediately stopped when she saw who it had been. Blood dripped down her worn out knuckles and splashed onto his face, adding more blood to it. Blood poured out of his nose and covered his face from the nose down, and he looked at her with exhaustion. Her fist shook, and she unclenched it. It was a childhood friend of hers that she had thought passed away, Ichiro.
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PostSubject: Re: Tifa Shinoku (done)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 2:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Tifa Shinoku (done)   Sun Feb 28, 2010 4:01 pm

Please Remove
Name: Translucent Body Skill
Rank: E
Element: Water
Description: This jutsu allows Tifa to go through any object as her body turns into water. She may still look solid and appear with the same appearance, but she's actually made up of water when she does this jutsu.

This is a Rip Off of the Jutsu Hydration.
Hydration is an S Rank Jutsu that turns the body of one into water. There is also an S Rank Jutsu that allows one to phase through walls.
Way beyond Chuunin Skills.
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PostSubject: Re: Tifa Shinoku (done)   

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Tifa Shinoku (done)

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