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The Death Bringer

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The Death Bringer

Post by The Six Armed Giant on Sat Feb 27, 2010 4:01 pm

Name: The Death Bringer

Rank: B

Owner: Tzuchi


Length: 15 feet

Width: 2 feet

Material: Unknown

Weight: 25 pounds

Abilities: This massive blade has the ability to drain the chakra from anything it touches and from there the blade can mold the chakra and turn it into chakra for tzuchi or power itself with the chakra. The blade only has the ability to drain up to 5% of chakra when it hits a enemy using the spikes on each side to drain the chakra from the enemy and drain into the blade. As it drains more and more chakra the blade can use the chakra to create more and more barbs all over the blade to make it much easier to drain chakra. The blade only drains chakra when it hits the skin but drains 5% chakra each strike every 5% of chakra put into the sword adding a section of spines on the sword. The blade is only able to drain chakra from normal ninja a ninja that don't have their bijuu forms activated un like the samehada

Info: The death bringer was said to be the long lost brother of the samehada being able to drain only normal ninja instead of bijuu like the samehada. The weapon was said to belong to a person who was very close to kisame almost like a brother but died the blade being hidden to prevent its power from being abused. A lone swordsman came across the sword but the power from the sword had to be sealed to prevent it from destroying the owner. The blade is actually weaker then the samehada being almost as a little brother as it lacks the draining abilities and livelyness of the samehada. As the swordsman adventured mezuki attacked the man and slayed him for his sword and now uses it to combat enemies at a close range.

The Six Armed Giant

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Re: The Death Bringer

Post by Austin on Sun Feb 28, 2010 5:50 pm

This is kind of like a weaker, less over powered Samehada, I like it.

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