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Austin De Fudo Rachni (Hokage - Redone-)

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Austin De Fudo Rachni (Hokage - Redone-) Empty Austin De Fudo Rachni (Hokage - Redone-)

Post by Austin on Tue Mar 02, 2010 12:59 am

General Information

Name: Austin De Fudo Rachni
Nickname/Alias: Warawara; Literally “Creepy Crawly”
Age: 178
Gender: Male
Looks: Austin De Fudo Rachni (Hokage - Redone-) 2nd_ho10

Austin De Fudo’s somewhat ‘disturbing’ personality has lead to numerous arguments and feuds among the people of Konoha. His knack for stable tradition comes in repose of a further iron fist of a ruler. His rules are strict and harsh, but not completely unjust. He mandates they are to be followed at all costs. His inner mind is normally kept private from the outside world, but is often spoken to those he is with, and he has many questions, most rhetorical, about the workings of the world. He is very ‘creepy’ and unusual in mechanisms, from frequently rambling on and on about the workings of different insects to his perverted fantasies and his frequent visits to the more adult-like places of the country. His perverted antics are further followed, somewhat easily rivaling the perverted hermit of the leaf village, though his personality is also more disturbing. He has a knack for the love of the site of blood, but when he hates something he absolutely refuses to be near it in a way of getting used to it. He often labels people by types of bugs and arachnids, based on power level and traits, earning him his nickname Warawara.

Personality Trait's: The further distinction and prowess of the Rachni clan and their further survival to the world. Though he is normally quite loyal, he is not afraid to betray those closest to him if he believes its for the good of his fellow clansmen.

Catch Phrase: “My people are insects and I, their pregnant queen…”

Clan Information

Clan Name: Rachni
Kekkei Genkai: Rachni Birth- this is a technique in which the Clan Member creates a Rachni, the Rachni are a race of semi-intelligent insectoid creatures that are created from members of Clan Rachni's flesh and blood, The Clan Leader can create Rachni Queens, hulking Hive Mothers who can birth Rachni Brood Warriors, High ranking Members can create Rachni Soldiers and the lowest ranking Members can only create Rachni workers, this technique must be used in conjunction with the Rachni Ritual Jutsu for a Rachni to be born
Clan Symbol: None
Clan Jutsu:
Rachni Summoning and Creation;
Rachni Ritual Jutsu- This jutsu is used by 8 Clan members working in concert, they all engage in ritual scarification and self-mutilation, if they engage in orgy activities they may produce a higher number of Rachni, at the end of the ritual the circle leader or anyone who wishes to have a Rachni bound to them must stagger, bleeding, into the center of the circle and speak the command words, a Rachni will slowly burrow its way out of the Clan Members chest and begin lapping up blood lying around the chamber, the Clan Member is left to recover
Clan History: The leader of the clan, a man named Gaiden Rachni, was once a traveling scholar, in a time before all other clans were formed and written history was born Gaiden found an archaic scroll written on parchment made of flesh and ink of blood, the language was unlike any he had ever seen before, he soon devoted his life to deciphering the text, slowly spiraling into a state of insanity, he subjected himself to the ritual and made the first Rachni Queen, naming the creatures after himself, he then began surrounding himself with followers and mentally degraded slaves, his Clan rose to prominent power, many feared him and soon many nations rose up against him, but his clan survived and shrouded themselves in darkness and mystery to avoid being completely eradicated, the Clan is more of a Organization than an actual familial clan, their ultimate goal is to dominate the world, turning every living creature into either a mentally degraded slave or a follower, Ein Rachni is the current Clan Leader

Rank Information:
Country: Konoha no Kuni
Village Rank: Hokage –Political Figurehead- High Chancellor of the Rachni
Skill Rank: S

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Power & Eradication Style Jutsu
Main: Ninjutsu + Kekkei Genkai Ninjutsu
Sub: Bijuu Control and Manipulation

Elemental Affinity: Suiton
Main: Suiton
Sub: Eradication (Bijuu) Types

Special Characteristics:
• Advanced Bijuu Control and Manipulation (Manual Activation of tails 1 - 3)
• High Amount of Chakra
• Masterful Peripheral Vision
• Photographic Memory
Name: Gobi
Animal: Hornet
Tailed: 5
Release/Ability: Eradication Release
Status: Taken

First Tailed Form: Austin De Fudo’s Chakra Reservoir, already massive, is further increased by about 15%, As well as a 10% speed increase. Austin’s body is then surrounded in a pale red chakra, that seems to glow with the hate of the world.
Second Tailed Form: Austin slowly grows a stinger like piece from his back, allowing him to then inject this stinger into his enemy and drain their chakra, (2% of their chakra for ever second it is in their body.) If this stinger is broken it can be grown again shortly after. The stinger must be connected to both the victim and Austin for the drain to work. Another 10% Speed Increase and a 5% Chakra Increase.
Third Tail Form: A second stinger grows on Austin, allowing him more chances to drain chakra, which rate is increased to 6% per second. A 40% Speed Increase follows, making him second fastest of all Jinchuuriki behind the Three Tailed Fireflies, but one of the weakest Bijuu strength wise. It is here where he begins to loose control of his actions.
Fourth Tailed Form: A Third Stinger grows from Austin’s back. It is in this form he finally looses control of his body and mind. The chakra drain rate is increased to 14% a second and his body is completely smothered by red chakra. It is here he has lost control of all actions he does.
Fifth Tailed Form: Here the bijuu is released and Austin is transformed, and killed in the process, releasing upon the world the Gobi Bijuu, a five tailed, massive (200 feet tall, 70 feet wide; 120 feet long wingspan.) hornet.


Name: Warawara’s Trident
(Link Doesnt Work)
Rank: A Rank
Special Abilities: Acting similar to a Hornet’s stinger, this trident can expel blasts of Eradication Chakra, channeled from the bijuu. Eradication Chakra in its rawest form, blasted through this weapon, is nothing more than chakra at its rawest form, capable of destroying walls and entire buildings.
Origin: Years before he became a Jinchuuriki, Austin De Fudo fought with a special trident, but once he was imbued with the Gobi Bijuu, its massive chakra reservoir poured into the trident, allowing it to act as a ‘stinger’ for Austin much as a hornet has its own stinger.

Name: Metal Weapons Gauntlet
Quantity: 1
Rank: B
Appearance: (See Demon Brother's Gauntlet)
Special Abilities/Characteristics:
Slots around the wrist that carry 5 kunai that can be launched or popped out
Shuriken launcher capable of popping out or shooting up to 10 shuriken
Senbon blaster loaded with sixty five senbon
Spiked Claws which act as daggers on the fingers
Smoke Bomb blaster that is loaded with three smoke bombs
Scroll Ejection Ring, a small metal piece on the outside of the glove carrying three ejectable scrolls, which can be launched out of the gauntlet and caught.

Origin: Forged Specially for the Hokage, to help spend less time worrying about weapons in battle.
*Note, he wears the same pieces of adamantine armor he wore when he first became hokage. I do not put this in the tempalte as the armor is sevearly rusted (He loves tradition, as stated, and keeps it as a ceremonial possesion, and sees if someone fixes it it looses centamental value.), and offers no protection because of the high levels of rust.
• Rachni Queen Summoning: Imbuing the clan’s KKG, he is able to call forth his soul bound companion, a Rachni Queen. Not only can he use this queen and her abilities with his other abilities, he can use her to summon a Brood Warrior. (Secret Clan Jutsu: A – S)

• Rachni Secretion Burst: Austin can manipulate the secretions of his queen to shoot them forth as a burst from his palms. Few seals are required for this technique. ( C )
• Rachni Reverse Poisoning: With his advanced knowledge of the secretions of his Rachni, he is able to reverse the process should someone be injected with the crude material. ( B )

• Rachni Clan Ritual: (Described Under Clan Jutsu – Secret Clan Jutsu – S )

• Rachni Influence: Austin’s mastery of his clan has allowed him to almost fully control those who are under his Rachni’s Secretions to such a degree they are dependant on it, allowing him to control them as useless slaves. Though they can not perform jutsu under his control they act as useful zombies. ( S )

• Bijuu Anti-Aging: By utilizing his large reservoir of chakra, and his bijuu’s large amount of said material, he can stop his physical body from aging. Though he is not free from being wounded, he can stop his own aging process.

• Eradication Canon: A Pure blast of what is, in essence, pure, destructive chakra made from hatred of the bijuu. It is capable of smashing stone and denting metal. ( C )

• Eradication Fissure: The user channel’s their Eradication Chakra into the ground, where it blasts into the ground and forward, tearing the ground infront of the user to pieces, and killing any within fifteen meters of the user in front who did not move away. ( A )

• Eradication Rasengan: By using the basic principles of the Rasengan, one mold’s their Eradication Chakra to create a much more devastating jutsu, capable of tearing metal to shreds. ( A )

• Eradication Mass Plague: By channeling his Eradication Chakra into the air, One can force the air so heavy with the destructive chakra, that it reduces the speed of anything within forty meters of the user to have their speed reduced by 60% ( A )

• Eradication Bomb: By channeling their chakra into a small orb in their hand, he can toss it like a grenade, creating a small, meter wide explosion destroying anything in its wake. ( B )

• Eradication Pistol: The user forms a pistol like shape in their hand, and fires off a small concentrated blast of Eradication Chakra, capable of cracking stone. ( D )

• Eradication Sickness: By forcing so much of their Eradication Chakra into the air, anyone that is not use to the chakra, becomes sick with Eradication Sickness, which lowers their speed, strength, stamina, endurance, and total amount of chakra by 25%, and this number continues to increase by 3% each post. ( S )

• Water Dragon Jutsu – B

• Rasengan – B

• Dual Water Dragon Jutsu – A

• Water Shark Bomb – B

• Five Hungry Sharks – B

• Water Vortex – A

• Bursting Water Collision Waves – B *Advanced Mastery

• Syrup Capture Field – C

• Water Cutting Wave – C

• Water Encampment Wall – B

• Water Whip – C

• Hydration – S

• Replacement - E

• Transformation – E

• Escape – E

• Body Flicker – D – A

• Water Prison – C

• Water Clone – D

• Shadow Clone – B

• Shadow Clone Explosion – A

• Kai – E - S

• Fire Sealing Method - B

• Water Sealing Method - B

• Earth Sealing Method - B

• Wind Sealing Method – B

• Lightning Sealing Method – B

• All Direction Shuriken – A

• Shuriken Shadow Clone - A

• Clone Technique



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