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Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi

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Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi Empty Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi

Post by Teika Hirohata on Thu Mar 04, 2010 3:10 am

General Information

Name: Teika Hirohata
Nickname/Alias: Miss Teika, Miss Hirohata, The Little Butterfly, Jinchuuriki of Rokubi
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi Animegirl2

Teika has a light brown/dull orange colored hair that flows all the way down to her shoulder and possibly a little lower. The texture of her hair would be of a soft feather from a dove or even the soft pampered fur of felines. Most of the time, her hair would seem to look damp or some sort, as if she had just walked out of a sauna, the scent of her hair always being of sweet fruits or even cherry blossoms. She has slight bangs that come down to the lower part of her eyes. The bangs never stay the same, sometimes they would be swept off to the right or left, but most of them time they would stay straight down, covering her eyes slightly.
Her eyes are of a deep violet color with a tinge of blood red in them, the blood red tinge sometimes looking like flames in her eyes but most of the time the red tinge intertwines with the deep violet, making her eyes look hazy or even misty. At times, her eyes would shift the amount color of the violet and the blood red, her eyes looking more blood-red than her usual violet color. Her eyes are void of showing any pure emotion Teika would be feeling at that time, but she is able to conjure her own emotions and let it be shown from her eyes. How ever, because of the girl’s personality, her hazy look usually turns into a more seductive one, which most people disregard because of her being so innocent.
Her skin is slightly pale but has enough color to indicate she is alive. Her cheeks always carry a slight pinkish tint on them. Her lips stay a light red rose color, every now and then her unusually sharp, pearl why canines revealing themselves if she were to smirk. Her hands are petite as well as her body frame which is in an hour glass shape. Her nails are never painted and she never wears makeup. Everything about her is natural, though; it would look like she was wearing beauty products all the time.
Teika is always seen wearing a kimono with gray butterfly prints on them, the prints of the butterflies not being tiny but slightly large with only a couple of prints on the silky fabric. A black ribbon would be tied around her waist, keeping her loose kimono together, but over that she wears a silk black cloak. Most of the time she walks around barefooted, but at times she will wear sandals or even high heels to match her clothing of the day.
Her clothing would look slightly damp, as if she was walking around after taking a plunge into a river or pool. The front side of her kimono is slightly revealing but not revealing on the same time, how ever, if she were to get in a specific mood, her movements would cause her clothing to slip in the front slightly, exposing her chest.
Teika always carries or wears a kitsune mask with orange swirls decorating the edges of the mask. To keep the mask on place, a red string with a couple of gray beads at the end are placed at the end of the mask.

ShyTeika is a shy person when a person first meets her, she will avoid all eye contact and even shift away from the new person. Most of the time she will be constantly looking downwards at her feet, her hands clasped together and her lips pressed upon each other as well. She shows her shyness through her body language as well as her speech, since she will stutter a bit.
Curious Teika is a very curious woman which often gets her stuck into many difficult problems. Most of her curiousness would come from the fact that she is like a feline, well; actually she has a cat demon inside of herself. When the girl is curious she would often get off track and wander off.
Bubbly In some rare cases, she would be seen overly joyous and would seem like her life was absolutely perfect. Her rare smile would appear up onto her lips, basically unable to contain her emotions of happiness.
Violent When angered or even offended, Teika would resort to violence by hitting, kicking, biting others. But this is only if she was overly offended. She would seem like a mere child when she resorts to violence.
SensitiveNot only is her body frame sensitive and fragile, but so are her emotions. Because of this, she mostly holds back her emotions to the point where she is a “lifeless doll.” The fact that she dislike opening herself to others causes her to be a stubborn person and sometimes rude; un-respectful.
Seductive Because of her age, Teika tends to become a seductive girl if her emotions overwhelm her too much. Her sensitivity also tends her to get pushed over the edge with her motions at times.
Secretive Teika enjoys keeping secrets from other people and hiding information she only knows. She dislikes it when people can tell what she is thinking and is able to guess what type of person she is.
Personality Trait's: Modeling/Music
Catch Phrase: ”Jeebus…”

Clan Information

Clan Name: Kokoro
Kekkei Genkai: Spirit’s Flame

How ever for Teika, this flame if used too often or even used too much can backfire onto her. Everytime she uses the Spirit's Flame a small bit of her chakra will be lost and will take at least a week to gain that small amount back. She could also become burned by her own fire which would take a couple of days to heal, even using a Medical Jutsu.

Clan Symbol:
Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi 4663797_m
Clan Jutsu: [[None so far]]
Clan History:
The Kokoro Clan was formed five thousand years ago when a group of traitors of the ANBU formed together. These traitors were never found because they had distanced themselves away from the bases. The Clans were scattered, but most of them lived near the Village of the Mist. These people were aggressive yet gentle. The Clan itself hid very well, to the point they were unknown except the Hokage knew of their existence. The ANBU leaders may know of the Clan but most of the newer members would not know of this rare clan of people.

The Kokoro Clan about two thousand years ago had began working on a special project, one that includes chakra and the ability of Fire. But, one thousand and three years later, the element was completed. This flame was a combination of chakra and fire, but with enough chakra and enough ability to control their chakra, the selected people of the clan was able to use the chakra to manipulate the fire. Manipulating the fire to a certain level allowed the flame to change in color, a silvery blue and to allow it to burn in coldness. This flame is similar to dry ice but a lot worse.

Because of the chakra in the fire, the people were able to make it enlarge, lessen and even float. Other people would see the floating fire balls that dropped the temperature in a mile diameter to almost zero Celsius. The people would have exclaimed to see a Spirit of some sort, hence why the flame was called the Spirit’s Flame.

The Spirit’s Flame can also be manipulated so the owner’s chakra can intermingle with an opponent’s chakra and allow the fire to slowly seep into their bodies by touch of their own body or weapon. The flames would later on expand within the opponent’s body by the owner’s say; however this usage of intertwining the chakra’s can almost kill the owner of the flame.

Rank Information:
Country: Kiri no Kuni
Village Rank: Legendary Swordsmen(women) of the Mist
Skill Rank: A

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Kenjutsu and Ninjutsu.
Main: Kenjustsu
Sub: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Spirit’s Flame [KKG], Wind [Sub-Element]
Main: Fire
Sub: Wind

Special Characteristics: Release of Rokubi, Withstanding Cold Temperatures to -50 degrees Celsuis, Control of Fire around a couple of yards away from where she stands. Manipulation of pure chakra as well as any other chakra that is in a fifty feet radius of where she stands.


Name: 蝶のフライト – The Flight of the Butterfly
Appearance: The weapon is a retracted katana and it activated and created together by the release of Teika’s chakra. The hidden form of this weapon would be a fan that had gray butterfly prints on the whitewashed background, the material of the fan showing how ancient it would be. When Teika releases some of her chakra to flow within the fan, the fan itself would close as a steel katana would replace it. The blade itself would seem like it has been there the whole time since there would be no indentation within it. The handle of the katana would be wrapped up by a silver silk cloth, which in turns wraps around Teika’s right hand. This blade was created for agility and the precision of it is close to one hundred percent.
Rank: S
Special Abilities: Because of its response to Teika’s release of chakra, she can also funnel her strong point of elements into the blade. The blade itself would become manipulated and would focus on that element. How ever, it would take one and a half posts to alter the blade to an element and would take three posts until the element itself wears off until Teika could re-do that process. Any element that Teika has power over, she can use it, how ever, the immense concentration needed for this to happen would cause someone who was not used to the blade to fail continuously.
Origin: When Teika returned back to her clan in the time of her training, she had met an elderly woman who was holding onto the fan. Knowing of the girl, the elderly woman gave the fan to Teika with out a word.


Name:炎の鞭風の – Flaming Whips of Wind
Rank: A
Type: Kenjutsu
Element: The Spirit’s Flame added with Wind.
Description: The Spirit’s Flame would be manipulated so that there would be several fire balls surrounding Teika’s form. At her given command, the flames would soon strike out, but at the same time, the wind would aid the flame’s hunger. The flames would become slightly wild and with a command by a small movement of Teika’s index fingers she could use the flames as a whip. The maximum amounts of flame whips formed would be around six, the minimum being of two. The whips would leave harsh marks onto the skin of her opponent and is even able to catch onto the clothing of the people. The wind aids the directions Teika wants the whip to go to, manipulating the wind to make it shift directions to her wanting.

Great Breakthrough - C

Wind Blade - A

Wind Wave - B (A large surge of wind, devastating all withing fifteen feet around the user)

Fire Vortex - A (The user funnels their chakra into the ground, which then bursts into flames, creating a flaming hell for thirty feet around the user)

Dragon Flame Bombs - B

Phoenix Flower Jutsu - C

All Academy Jutsu (Kai, Body Flicker, Escape, Transformation, Clone)

Balance Release: Chakra Manipulation - A (The user manipulates their basic chakra to form it into any shape, the bigger the item the more chakra it takes.)

Balance Bomb: - B (The user channels their balance chakra into an orb, which the user tosses, and explodes, destroying everything within five feet of where it lands.)

Balance Negation - S (The user channels twice as much chakra as the jutsu the enemy is using, into the very energy of the universe, negating the jutsu the enemy is using.)

Pressure Damage - B

Fireball Jutsu - C

Great Fireball - B

Divine Wind of the Mountain - B

Mist Waltz - C

Wind Cutter - B

Head Mincing Pain - B

Burning Ash Accumulation - B

Running Fire - A

(Custom Jutsu Given Description, Canon Jutsu Listed)

Background Information
.: Birth/Jinchuuriki Arc :.

November 24th, the Demon Deer known as Rokubi was released from its bondage as the adult was dying. The adult knew that the power of Rokubi should not be lost, but in her state of near death, she released the Demon out before dying. This person was on the outskirts of the Village of the Mist, and died on the pathway leading to the Village. Automatically, a loud roar was sounded at the same time the cry of a baby was heard. The ANBU at that time also was tracking down the adult who had Rokubi inside of her while the infant’s parents left the girl near the Hokage’s door. The alarm was sounded as many warriors ran out, every adult and every student came out to tame the beast Rokubi as the infant’s parents ran off back to the Clan. But, in their trail they had met the ANBU members, instantly breaking out into a battle. As the Hokage came out, he had recognized the Kitsune mask and the sign of the butterfly that was left in the child’s blankets. The Hokage knew of the Clan, but rushed out to fight Rokubi. The Demon Deer’s continuous blasts of fire knocked down many of the ninja’s and swordsmen. After the Demon Deer, Rokubi, was tamed slightly, the infant’s parents ran out basically and offered their baby girl, Teika Hirohata, to be the sacrificial lamb for Rokubi. As her parents, who were already bleeding and in immense pain from battling with the ANBU members who were still alive, the Hokage had used the Special Sealing Method Fuuinjutsu to seal Rokubi within Teika. The baby then became still as the process went on since there was a possibility of this baby girl of dying from the special seal. After a couple of moments, time slowly ticking by, Teika had made a slight movement, her infant cry being heard. Rokubi was sealed, but, the girl was doomed for her whole life. After this was done, her parents ran out once more, and the backup ANBU members killed them…

.: Academy Student Arc :.

Teika Hirohata did not make many friends during her years of being an Academy Student. She was always in the corner, reading and teaching herself how to cook, sew, write and fight. She trained herself constantly, every day, and she barely took any breaks. Even if her heart beat was pounding harshly inside her fragile chest, even if her body limbs shook, she kept going on. Teika trained herself as young as the age of four to become one of the Legendary Swordsmen who had this sense of aura of being majestic. Teika wanted to be in that spot, to look down upon others and prove her. Many children know of the battle of Rokubi and how these stranger ninja’s had basically sacrificed their own daughter to save the Village of the Mist. She was out casted and unwanted but her “Father” who was the Hokage always took care of her. She entered school around the age of six, a pretty young age. She was one of the petite females, but, she was still very dangerous. The teachers were wary around her, but still, she had made a best fried during her years in Academy School. Well, until she was told to advance up. Teika began going to more advanced classes which made her miss her best friend who began to forget about Teika. Besides, she had a demon inside her. What good would a demon girl be for any other students…? She began to think her life was doomed, that she had no point in living. At the age of ten, she was advanced up to become a Genin.

.: Genin/Mysterious Trainer Arc :.

Being a Genin meant Teika had to be teamed up with others. However, many other people were about two to three years older than her. They all looked down at this girl and somehow despised her. Her teammate members were both females. How ever, one of the girls was actually a guy later on in one of the last missions they all have together. In a mission on February 16th, Teika had branched off from her teammates to search the area, how ever, she had taken wrongs turns. In this sense, the petite female had gotten herself lost and she had no one to comfort her whatsoever. After couple of hours of walking, the girl began to loose the ray of hope to find her way back. Just as she looked towards the ground, she bumped into a person or a thing. Startled, Teika moved back, her head tilting up to gaze upon a masked figure. The person was silent, a feeling of danger rising inside of the girl, but, she was not afraid of him. The girl was shy, refusing to talk but slowly the loneliness made the girl crave for a conversation. So, she spoke. Later on that day, Teika finally found her way back to her worried teammates who had scolded her for getting lost, but finally showed their relief. Teika had kept the new male a secret for since he was her new trainer. The next day, the ANBU had been searching for Rokubi, the demon deer, and they knew it was within one of the members of the Mist Village. But who? After a year Teika’s 11th birthday, she was being tested to become a Chunin, Teika being twelve at that time. Because of all the information and all the training she had gone through for the last two years with her mysterious trainer, she was able to pass the test easily.

.: Chunin/Rokubi Training Arc :.

Teika spent two years as a Chunin since she did not want to continue to become ahead of everyone else. She took this time to train even more with her mysterious Trainer and continue to go on these simple missions. She was slowly making friends until a fatal day, where an annoying adult had critiqued her in an unfair manner. The male as rude and he did not deserve to live, but that was in Teika’s mind. By this, in her inner mind, she could see herself stand in front of flaming bars that concealed the demon within. Basically due to her anger Teika was able to tap into her chakra, allowing the ability of the Beast to rise up to the surface. Luckily, the rude adult had others around him, who had stopped Teika and sealed the Beast seconds after Teika had leaped out to attack the male. Mostly everyone knew what the fate of the rude male had been if no one was around, and immediately, Teika was taken to the Hokage because of her childish behavior of striking out. Of course Teika knew she had a beast within herself, but, she had never trained with it. So, the Hokage sent Teika off in a mission to train herself to be more in tune with Rokubi. Even though if this was seen as impossible, Teika Hirohata followed orders and did so. After a year or so, Teika had finally gotten more in control with her anger and with Rokubi coming out. Because of this success, the people gladly allowed her become a Jounin.

.: Jounin/Becoming a Swordswoman Arc :.

Two years went by quickly as Teika was a Jounin, how ever at the age of sixteen, Teika was finally caught by the ANBU members. There were only two of them who were stupid enough to go out to get the glory of killing and retrieving Hachibi. How they found out? Those two members were out while Teika was controlling Hachibi. The two ANBU members did not dare to tell their master or even their comrades but went out to hunt down this girl. In the immense battle, Teika finally let Nibi take over 80% of her, the Demon Deer basically smashing the ANBU members with pure chakra. Just after the ANBU members were killed, the Legendary Swordsmen of the Mist had watched what had happened. At the same time, Teika forced herself to gain control once more, but, nearly fainted right afterwards. The Swordsmen had brought her back to the Village, slight smoke from the fire she was using flowing off of her. Next month, Teika would be of seventeen years old. And during her birthday, she was asked to join the Legendary Swordsmen, the girl’s dreams almost coming true. She knew she would be safe, but, she knew that some dangers would occur because of who she was. And this is where Teika Hirohata’s story reveals itself, how the strands of her life begins to play.

RP Sample:

Under the luminous night, a young girl sat in a meadow, some where far away from Soul Society. As she inhaled quietly, she closed her crystal blue eyes, allowing her senses to take control of her body. She sat on her knees, both of her baby soft pale hands folded on top of each other, left over right, on her lap. As she exhaled through her rose colored lips, a soft wind passed by the meadow, the leaves moving with the wind. The wind seemed to caress the girl’s soft pink-ish cheeks as a small memory seeped out, reminding her of her mother’s touch on her cheek. Her mother’s words quietly were spoken in the wind, “Maria… Fate brought you to us. Fate is on your side, never forget that.”
A small smile appeared on her lips, the sweet memory bringing a warm feeling to her, instead of the cold depressed feelings she continued to contain within herself. Soon, though, her smile disappeared as she reminded herself how she was basically dead… How she will be unable to see her parents that took care of her for her whole life. The couple that protected her from any harm… But they were dead too… Sighing, she opened her eyes, her gaze shifting up towards the silent luminous full moon. “How long has it been…” she whispered quietly to herself.

Being alone in the meadow allowed Maria to reflect her actual emotions, her eyes tearing up a bit as a fountain of memories flooded her mind. The feelings of being joyful as well as pain filled her veins, her whole body. A small child-like whimper escaped her throat, it being a painful one as small tears appeared in her crystal blue eyes. Closing her eyes again, she inhaled a shaky breath, two small tears rolling down her cheeks towards her chin. A strong gust of wind rushed past Maria, her eyes widening slightly as she gasped quietly, the gust of wind forcing itself into the girl’s lungs. Just as how immediately the wind came, it left. Quietly, Maria coughed her right hand on her chest as she sensed a spirit nearby.

Ceasing her coughing, Maria stood up, her gaze slowly shifting around as she dropped her right hand back to her side. Her eyes narrowed a bit as she focused on her surroundings. Her right hand slowly slipped towards her left hip, her fingers closing around the hilt of the blade. Her breathing slowed as she closed her eyes once more, feeling the spirit move once more. The spirit’s aura feeling familiar, Maria wrinkled her nose in disgust, coming to the conclusion that the spirit was another pesky Hollow.

“You know…” Maria began to speak, her eyes opening, the Hollow standing about 15 feet away from the girl, her back facing it, “You creatures are quite annoying.” Once she had finished her sentence, she heard the Hollow rush towards her, Maria calmly jumping upwards, her right knee bent, her left was extended. The Hollow, going by it’s animal instincts should have passed by stupidly, but, this one was different. Her expression staying calm, she watched the Hollow jump up towards her, Maria kicking the chest of the creature with her right leg, sending herself flying backwards.

As she landed on her feet, crouching down a bit as she skidded back, Maria watched the Hollow slam down into the ground, immediately standing back up. Once again the creature rushed towards her petite form, Maria shifting towards the left a bit, making the Hollow run right past her. Afterwards, she stepped out with her right leg, pushing hard onto the ground with her left as she ran towards it, her fingers still closed around the hilt of her blade. Getting as close as possible, she pushed hard with her right foot, sending herself into the air, spiraling down as she unsheathed her blade.

The Hollow reached out towards her with it’s dangerous claws just as Maria brought down her blade towards it. Landing on the ground, she shifted her right foot back, supporting all of her weight into the blade as she leaned forward. Her facial expression did not change as her crystal blue eyes shifted towards the face of the Hollow, their gaze meeting. Just as their gaze met, her own aura began to grow slightly, the power allowing her to create a small magic orb in her own mind. Stepping out, she brought her right arm upwards, sending the Hollow’s claws towards that direction as well.

Quickly, she brought her blade down, in a diagonal, right towards the arm of the creature. Keeping her steps light, she leaped backwards as the creature roared in pain, it’s arm flying off to the side, soon advancing towards the girl clawing towards her. Holding her blade up with her right hand, she kept it in front of herself in a defensive way, but simply extended her arm so the blade could hit the creature’s claws, flinging them right and left. A small smirk appearing on her still face, Maria brought her left hand onto her right, shifting it back to her left hand side as she rushed towards the Hollow once more.

She closed the gap between the two, soon dancing around the creature, slashing her blade in diagonal movements. Each time she slashed her blade towards the creature, she could hear the roar of pain from it. She also could see how the creature tried to claw her, but obviously, it was too slow. Stepping back once, she watched the bleeding Hollow fell upon the ground, Maria sheathing her bloodied blade. Cocking her head to the side a bit, she blinked her crystal blue eyes as she examined the Hollow.

“Oh dear… Poor thing…” Maria stated as her smile widened a bit, “I’ll put you out of your miseries… But first…” At the moment of time, she allowed the magic orb that grew stronger in her mind fly out in an aura form, seeping into the eyes of the Hollow. Stepping back once more, she turned her back towards the Hollow, walking off just as the illusion of the creature exploding, inside out, began. She heard the roar of the Hollow once more, a more desperate one as the illusions continued. Slowly, she closed her eyes, beginning to work at her master piece, the illusions.

Her imagination of what was happening to the Hollow was what the creature was seeing in its illusions. She began imagining the Hollow slowly being stretched out, but continually stretched as if the creature was made out of gum. Slowly it’s limbs were being torn apart, this pain making the Hollow create access to it’s human feelings. With it’s human feelings, the pain would be unbearable, the Hollow soon screaming, thrashing about, but unable to do anything. The seemed to be innocent girl giggled, amused by the pain of the Hollow as her illusions were being taken into full affect.

Over a short amount of time, the illusions were becoming to bore Maria, soon turning back around to advance towards the thrashing Hollow. Quickly she unsheathed her blade once more, glancing at it, then towards the creature. “Good bye, Hollow,” Maria simple said as she sent the blade towards the neck of the Hollow, and at the moment the Hollow itself jerked, cutting off its own head. Sheathing her blade, she turned around, leaving the dead Hollow behind, but making sure her steps were quick because she knew the affects of using her magic was. Quietly, she closed her eyes, allowing the moon's light to guide her back to Soul Society s the scent of the dead Hollow wavered through the meadow.

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Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi Empty Re: Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi

Post by Tashigi on Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:17 pm

XD It's the Red Butterfly!

So, Is she a Jounin?
Plus, Hachibi is currently roaming, which means he can't be inside of someone. Only a Bijuu that's status is "open." can be chosen for your character. Plus, you need to list ALL jutsus that you know. You can go here for Jutsu information though:

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Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi Empty Re: Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi

Post by Teika Hirohata on Sat Mar 06, 2010 2:55 pm

Technically she's a Jounin.

And do I have to list them all..? Its such.. a drag to do that..
Teika Hirohata
Teika Hirohata

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Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi Empty Re: Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi

Post by Austin on Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:04 pm

Because your application is fantastic, just list the names of the jutsu. List it fully with the template if it is custom.

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Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi Empty Re: Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi

Post by Tashigi on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:14 pm


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Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi Empty Re: Teika Hirohata; Jinchuuriki of Rokubi

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