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Hishou Tenshi

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Hishou Tenshi Empty Hishou Tenshi

Post by Leondero on Sat Mar 06, 2010 3:38 pm

General Information

Name: Hishou Tenshi
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Hishou Tenshi Innes

Tenshi has both gray hair and eyes and he has white skin. Under his padded chest guard Tenshi has a linen shirt which stretches down past his waste. He has two fitted arm guards around his wrists which are bound tightly by a belt buckle.
Strapped across his back is both his russet quiver decorated in the Hishou clan seal, his hand crafted bow created by his father, and attached to his belt are his shuriken, explosive tags, bombs, scrolls, and other his other assorted goods.

Personality: Tenshi is a relaxed easy going guy who enjoys climbing up high and allowing the wind to brush through his hair and pass his body. At time Tenshi wished he could forget his life as a Shinobi and just soar across the sky like a bird.
When it comes to socializing, Tenshi isn't very good at it. In the academy he was distant from his fellow classmates. and would just complete his assigned work and return home. Tenshi knew many people would comment and talk about him about his back.
Tenshi does enjoy other things besides sitting lazily on the tops of oaks, when he was little, he would always browse through his father's liberary. once he had finished reading everything there was, he began to look for any other form of literature he could find and read. the book's he really enjoyed was the stories of the great ninja heroes of the past.

Personality Trait's: Tenshi loves the wind and all its properties.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Hishou Clan
Kekkei Genkai: none
Clan Symbol: To be Added
Clan Jutsu: (won't start with it)
The founder of the clan, Hishou Heki, developed the Hishou Hane No jutsu. This channels the chakra out through their shoulder blades and -depending how mature the clan member- spreads a number of Chakra energy wings. granting the clan the ability to fly. They combine this with their bow's and arrows for both assassinations and for war.
Clan History: Heki dreamed of flight ever since he was a child. he studied the birds constantly and after spending the majority of his life doing so, he found a way to fly. He spent his last moments souring through the air. When he finally crashed down, his Sons said he had a smile on his face.
After studying his father's corpse, Heki's youngest son, Hishou Yatai, mastered the technique himself and taught it to his children. They're children soon shared it with their children, untill finally the Hishou clan was formed.
The clan had mastered the ability of flight. but where Heki wanted to use this ability to fly, The Hishou clan wanted to use it for war. The Hishou clan combined their gift with bows, bombs, and shuriken in order to preform arial assaults.
Time passed the Hishou clan began to die out (either they were killed in war or the old masters retired) now the Hishou clan has been reduced to a few small families roaming around Konoha. despite this, The shinobi of the Hishou clan still prove their worth even today.

Rank Information:
Country: Konoha
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: D

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Fuuton


Name: Tenshi's bow
Hishou Tenshi Robbit_bow-and-arrow
Rank: 1
Special Abilities: Has none
Origin: After Tenshi graduated from the academy, his father crafted the bow with the finest wood their family could muster. the days passed before Hishou Kassou was finally able to complete his blade for Tenshi.


Name: Kaze ya no jutsu
Rank: D
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
Description: Tenshi uses chakra to rip through the air in front of his arrow. This increases the arrow’s speed and ability to penetrate certain armor.

Name: Great Breakthrough
Rank: C
Type: Ninjutsu
Element: Wind
The users shoots a large blast of wind from their mouth capable of smashing down trees.

Background Information
Before the Academy
Tenshi grew up living with ten older brothers and sisters all of whom passed their entrance exams with flying colors. Tenshi however failed his entrance exams twice before he was accepted. Where his siblings exceeded in their grades, Tenshi fell short. He felt like he was the biggest disgrace to his family’s name, even though his brothers and sisters attempted to persuade him otherwise.
When Tenshi would get depressed or sad, He would escape into his family’s woods and climb the highest oak. He would gaze out through his ocean of trees and smile. He could feel the wind brushing through his hair and he loved it. To him, it was paradise.
Passing the Exam
When Tenshi was 10, he lost his beloved wood. During a thunder storm, a bolt of lightning struck his favorite oak and the flame began to spread throughout the woods. Tenshi’s family escaped, but the one thing that made Tenshi feel powerful was gone.
The paradise he loved was gone, and now he was forced to take residence closer to the village. He hated the experience. The lack of wind felt like poison to Tenshi, he longed to escape the village and soar into the blue yonder.
Two years have passed and Tenshi has finally passed the exam, and even now. He still loathes life in Konoha.

RP Sample:
=To Acquire Val Nerte Mori=

(I was bored during class and I was just typing things at random, suddenly I started to write the events that transpire when acquiring Val Nerte Mori. This is in the future, it has yet to happen. and when the rp comes I will be skipping this scene, So I advice reading it to understand what happened.)

Neoro was now in a quarry surrounded by rock walls and wild oaks. there were many mine entrances, some collapsed others still opened. there were picks and drills scattered accross the floor, and what was most unnerving about this place was it's lack of life. It was quiet, way to quiet.

The place seemed abandoned, how long Neoro could not determine, maybe a couple of days, maybe years for all he knew. the tools had no rust on them nor did anything infact. it was strange, but not surprising as it would of been before.

A cry finally broke the silence. Neoro jerked around and saw a small boy -no older then ten- sitting in the middle of the quarry. both his hair and his hands covered his face as he continued to ball. his clothing was ragged and torn, not even the beggers of caput wore something that horde.

The boy finally stopped crying.the silence calmed his ears, but Neoro's heart was still racing. the boy wiped the tears from his face -his hair still covering his eyes- and then said "Look around you here, this place was a slave pen, made to keep us half breeds contained. They feared us and our potential, so they binded are arms and made us their slaves. I despise Pure-breds, just like you."

The boy then smirked, he rose up onto his two legs. Neoro watched as the boy's figure began to fade. it was then traded with a new body, a tall powerful man with long luminus hair -just like Luna's- and pure black eyes. His ragged shirt became a long ebony robe with the dark symbol of the Rauko stitched accross his chest. He had two long mishaped blades -one azure the other crimson- chained up around his skull buckled belt.

He brushed back his hair and glared right into Neoro's red eyes "Those eyes, they remind me alot of him. He too was a Half breed, just like me. yet he took the side of those damned humans who binded and enslaved us. He was different, in a way stronger. out of all of us he was able to forgive the Pure-breds. But I cannot forgive them. How could I after everything they've done to me! How can I forgive some one who hates me just because my ears are not as rounded or as pointy as somes. How can I forgive some one who already wants me dead before I can even speak. Could you forgive some one like that?!"

Neoro looked down at the dirt and said "No, I don't think I can. I don't think I'm strong enough to do something like that."

"Then how could he expect me to do the same!?"

"By he, do you mean Ricoshan?"

Drego nodded his head "That boy could never understand-"

"Maybe he did understand, more then you know." Drego looked alarmed by this, and also looked furious "I hate to admit it, but Ricoshan was smart for his age. If I didn't know better, I would say he had to be atleast a hundred years old. He very much understood the struggles between pure-breds and half breeds, but in the end he still forgave the pure-breds crimes. and I've seen it myself, Half breeds and pure-breds are living in harmony. the woman I love is a Half elf, and I'm... well close enough to human."

Drego just stood there, Neoro could guess he was deep in thought. the Half elf looked right at him with a scowl "What is your name boy?"

"It's Neoro"

"I know why you've come Neoro, you seek the powers of Val Mori." Neoro nodded "Then I guess we must fight." Drego grabbed both of his blades and pulled them from their sheaths, each blade was curved like a crescent moon with a small tooth shaped blade coming out from the rear of the hilt. "But I must ask you Neoro that if you do defeat this memory. Use this power to protect her."
"You need not fret over that" Neoro said as a long metal shaft appeared in his hands "I will protect Luna with my life" Drego smiled, for the first time, the warlock seemed relaxed. then just as quickly as the expression came, it disappeared into a thick scowl as he whipped both blades ahead sending a devastating wave of fire at Neoro's chest.

Neoro lunged back to avoid the wave of fire. as he whipped back up, Neoro summoned a Doom guard and ordered it to strike at Drego. he quickly whiped around the furious beast and chopped off it's leg. he pointed his other blade at Neoro and sent a purple wave of wind at Neoro. As it got closer, Neoro could see small spirits coursing through the torrent. Neoro avoided the attack, but not the spirits inside it. they wrapped around Neoro's body and binded him in place.

Neoro watched as Drego rushed forward, ready slash neoro to pieces. Neoro brushed off the spirits and summoned a wave of fire. the flame did little to harm Drego, but it succeeded in his purpose. Neoro flew back, brushing off the spirits, and escaping the crossshaped slash Drego had just preformed.

"Impressive" said Drego "You used the fire to propell you away from my attack. you have the cunning of us Half elves"

"I guess I can take that as a compliment" he replied, still panting from the excessive use of magic. he pulled the metal shaft around, gripped it with both hands, and entered his stance. Drego pulled both the curved blades back and charged forward. the first blow was deflected, the second one was parried, Drego's third strike slit through the skin of Neoro's right arm, and the fourth blow was guided away by Neoro's staff.

With one blade hand occupied, Neoro lifted his right leg forward and kicked Drego in the stomach. recoiling around from the attack, Drego slashed at Neoro's legs and he too plumitted to the ground. the two rolled away from one another and regained their stance.

Drego then pointed his blade at one of the nearby carts, lifted it into the air, and sent it flying at Neoro. Neoro dodged the cart, and in the nick of time managed to redirect another sent at him, then a third, and after deflecting the fourth blow, Neoro looked into the eyes of Drego as he flew into the air himself to strike.

Neoro raised the staff to parry, but the twin blades went right through the shaft and right into Neoro's right shoulder. Neoro screamed in pain, he let go of both halves of the shaft and gripped his right shoulder tightly. But Drego didn't stop, he kept swinging at Neoro, making the boy back up more and more.

Finally, Neoro was pinned to the wall. Drego marched towards him, both blades at his sides. Neoro swore under his breath and tried to muster what ever strength he had left. he lifted his left hand and sent a flash of red fire right at Drego.

The Half elf deflected the flame with ease, Neoro sent three more strikes just like that, but each one failed just as the first had. Neoro swore after each failed attempt, finally Drego had the crimson blade to his neck. Drego frowned, disappointed with his successor, he pulled the crimson blade back, then lunged the blade forward.

With that brief second, Neoro avoided the blade's strike and pulled the metal shaft fragments back toward him. Drego noticed it in time and dodged it. Neoro grabbed the fragmented staff and pointed it at Drego. after charging a sphere of black fire, Neoro sumnmoned a volley of flames down on Drego.

Drego took the abuse and collapsed, he scowled as he picked both blades back up. he charged forth at Neoro while channeling a magical charm. Neoro then looked back at the other half of the shaft and pulled it back through Drego.

The sharp end flew straight into his spine, Drego stopped out of shock, Then quickly before he could recover Neoro sent the other shaft fragment he possessed right at Drego's heart. then to ensure the kill, Neoro blinked forth and forced the shaft further into Drego's chest.

Drego smiled "Well done Neoro. You have won this fight." Through magic, Neoro pulled out the two shaft fragments and caught Drego as he collapsed "You're the second in a hundred years to defeat me in single combat." Drego then coughed up some blood and rested his head on Neoro's shoulder "When I lost that fight, I asked that person the same thing I'm about to ask you."

Neoro's eyes widened as Drego's body began to seperate into tiny particles of light. The Half elf coughed again then said "Neoro, though I've done some terrible things with my life. I've always had the best interests of my kind at heart. I'm asking you to not let my efforts be in vain. Please protect the Half breeds on my behalf, please make sure they never have to be enslaved again. and please, just as Ricoshan had, please prove my wrong that half elves and humans can live together in peace."

Neoro nodded his head "I swear on my title as Seraphim of power, I will never allow the Half breeds to be slaves again."

Everything then began to fade away into a bright white light. It became quiet again, untill finally he heard "Thank you"

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Hishou Tenshi Empty Re: Hishou Tenshi

Post by Austin on Sat Mar 06, 2010 4:52 pm

Very nice.
Approved, but you might want to make some changes.
Are you sure you dont want the academy jutsu? Like Body flicker and Escape Technique?
Go ahead and add the C Rank Wind Jutsu 'Great Breathrough' to strengthen you.
Konoha is getting full
You can be in it if you want, but it is recomended you choose something else.

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