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Giketsu Senju

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Giketsu Senju Empty Giketsu Senju

Post by Giketsu on Sat Mar 06, 2010 5:23 pm

General Information

Name: Giketsu Senju
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Looks: Avatar.Giketsu is well built ,quite tall guy with dark hair ,pale skin and greenish-gray eyes.He usually wears a black or gray jacket and black or dark blue pants.There's nothing specific about him besides the fact that he usually have visible wounds on him such as scratches ,cuts and things like that.

Personality: Giketsu is quite random guy but mostly he is just dumb.Although he sometimes show signs of intelligence he usually drives the impression away by saying or doing something stupid.He has tendency not to listen to orders and burst on fire if he's accused for that.Only thing he sometimes take serious is training but he also tend to be lazy so he's pretty much always act inappropriatly,
Personality Trait's: Food.
Catch Phrase: "Whoop!","Wazaaaa!","Are you gonna eat that?"

Rank Information:
Country: Suna
Village Rank: Genin
Skill Rank: C I guess.

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: Wood

Special Characteristics: He can talk to plants.Sometimes they even respond!


Name: Kunai
Appearance: A regualr kunai just that its handle is covered by leather and its blade's sharp sides are coloured red.
Rank: D
Special Abilities: It's a bit sharper and stronger than regualr kunai's
Origin: Got it from grandfather

Background Information Giketsu grew up as just a regular kid.This is quite surprising since his parents are hippies.Since they were pacifist and wanted to help the world as they could they moved to Suna when Giketsu was 10.They were on a mission to bring some nature there.So even though in the middle of dessert Giketsu has always lived in nature.Seeing how pathetic his parents were he joined shinobi academy and graduated it and his parents couldn't do anything about it since they were always talking about free will.Since the graduation Giketsu has left his home and been living in the forest alone and training once a while.
RP Sample:.It was a sunny day.Giketsu just walked in a forest clearing.Sun was high ,weather was warm since this was oasis in the middle of dessert and Giketsu was running out of water.Knowing that it have to rain eventually Giketsu sat below a tree in the shadow and took a nap.

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Giketsu Senju Empty Re: Giketsu Senju

Post by Tashigi on Sat Mar 06, 2010 7:26 pm

More History, Personality, and Looks. Also, please use better grammar. And you have to put in clan info.

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