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Special Characteristics

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Special Characteristics Empty Special Characteristics

Post by Roxas on Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:11 am

Below is a List of Several "Special Characteristics." This list is normally not to Help/Harm the character more to make the Role Play experience more fun and exciting. Many of these can help with personal Player Plots

They Fall into 4 Categories.

Social: Social Special Characteristics represent a character's connection to his community. They are his net of contacts, friends, and family. Social Impediments represent his negative social dealings, such as enemies and runs in with the law.

There are things about the character that just should not be. They could give off a strange aura, have an uncanny nack for their dreams to play out, or simply be a little too proficient at interpreting a crime scene.
In any sense, the aura of the supernatural is all about characters with these special characteristics, and each one is sure to effect gameplay in a myriad of interesting ways.

Physical Special Characteristics give your character strength, stamina, and fortitude, while physical impediments detract from that, its not an even balance though, and you can easily mix and match to come up with a unique character

Mental Special characteristics affect the character's ability to think clearly and cognitively in certain fields. The various qualities and impediments may cause them to have a keen mind, or make them hear voices.

Social Specialties'

Animal Empathy
The character exudes a calming influence on animals. He is seldom bitten or snarled at and animals immediately like him. If he abuses an animal, it will act confused before becoming aggressive.

Criminal Associations
The character is well known throughout the Ninja World's underworld. He may be a high-profile thief with a vast network of contacts, a city man familiar with local snitches and information, or an aristocrat with shady contacts who cater to his particular tastes. Regardless of the particulars, the character is a man who can get things done. These connections can be used to track criminals on the run, procure illegal goods, or gather information. Of course, information and services come at a price.

The character is naturally difficult to pick out of a crowd. Those who meet him in person are seldom left with a strong impression. If someone bothers to get his name, they soon forget it. The character must go to outlandish extremes or commit spectacular acts to be remembered.

Private Anatomy Theatre
The character owns or has access to a private, fully supplied anatomy theatre. The character must spend time and money maintaining his anatomy theatre or it will fall into disrepair. Maintenance may include periodically purchasing corpses from vendors, lawful and otherwise. (Describe in Detail)

Private Laboratory
The character owns or has access to a private laboratory. Though the lab comes fully equipped, the character will have to purchase chemicals and supplies. (Describe In Detail)

Reputation - Street
The character is well-known and respected figure on the streets of the Ninja World. He may be known as a killer not to be crossed, an honest costermonger or a likable thief. In any case, the character is generally regarded as a member of the Family in good standing. The character may be sought out for jobs or information. He can find information, weapons, pharmaceuticals, and inexpensive stolen goods with little trouble. If he is holding misappropriated property, he will have no trouble finding a fence to move the goods. When in need, he can find a safe house in which to hide until trouble passes.

Reputation - Underworld
The character is well known to the denizens of the Underground. Provided he does not make trouble, he can generally make his way among the humans and missing ninja tribes that call the tunnels home. Dealing with the feral animals that call the Underground home is an entirely different matter, however.

Criminal Record
The character has been convicted of a crime and has spent time in prison. The police know the character on sight, and he May be rounded up from time to time and questioned about various crimes. Most legitimate employers who discover his secret will not retain his services.

Whether the character moved to the Village from a foreign land or was born to poor immigrant parents, he is a second-class citizen. Immigrant’s lack the established credentials relied upon in Ninja society. They will find it hard to locate work and will be generally treated with suspicion.
(Where From, Etc)

The character is notorious throughout the Village. Rumors about the character circulate throughout the city especially in the social circles he frequents. Notorious characters will be constantly harassed. Holders may find themselves refused service or entry into exclusive clubs, and lower-class characters may be threatened on sight or shunned completely. Notorious criminals will certainly come face-to-face with the Ninja Police from time to time. Notoriety is not without its benefits, however. The notoriously violent, for example, may cause fear wherever he goes, making intimidation and waiting in queues easy. Notorious characters will also attract a certain desperate element that is anxious to learn what makes them tick.
(What You did to become Notorious should be included)

Believed Dead
Despite being very much alive, the character is believed to be dead. Perhaps he disappeared outside the walls of the village and was proclaimed devoured by demons or ghouls. He may have feigned his own death at great difficulty and expense. He could have even been the victim of a conspiracy that sought to erase his existence. Whatever the case, the world at large believes the character to be dead.

The character has impeccable credentials that are of great use when opening up doors to Ninja society. Perhaps he has a signed recommendation from a well-known Member of The Clan Council, a high-ranking associate in The Hokage's personal guard, or an uncle with prominent ties among medical circles. In short, the character will seldom want for employment and can get admission into the best private schools and exclusive clubs. He will be able to obtain audiences and even favors from individuals who would otherwise be disinclined to hear him out. However, if the character abuses this ability, he may find that his credentials are no longer as sterling as they once were.

Murder of Crows
The character has a large network of friends and associates that keep an eye out for him wherever he goes. Any time the character is in apparent danger or likely to be apprehended, a crow, or lookout, will approach him and give the word. Obviously there are limits to the reach of the character's network, but he will generally receive ample warning while around the slums, streets, and rookeries of the village.

Safe House
The character owns or has access to a safe house. This can be a run down flat outside the village, a hidden room in the back of a house, or just about anything else the player and Narrator can dream up. When the character is in danger, he can retire to the safe house and expect to remain reasonably safe and undisturbed. Of course, the safety of this sanctuary is dependent on the character's actions. Should he reveal the safe house to his associates, the place could easily be compromised.

For one reason or another, the character has been cast out of the Clan of which he was once a member, and can no longer count on his Clan's support or reputation. Though a character has been cast out, his Clan's enemies will still look to injure him if possible. The character may also still have powerful friends and be well established away from his family's influence.

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