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Hige Inuzuka

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Hige Inuzuka Empty Hige Inuzuka

Post by Hige Inuzaka on Sat Feb 27, 2010 11:55 am

General Information

Name: Hige Inuzuka
Nickname/Alias: (S rank shinobi only, Please only give one or 2 nicknames. These names are to be implemented in RP as another name your known by. This is to be part of your 'legacy')
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Looks: Hige Inuzuka GW224H220

Personality: Raised as a survivalist, Hige has been called one of the most feral ninja to ever train in Konoha. His stand-offish attitude often makes him difficult to handle, but there have been a few who have learned how to leash him in. However, the stand-off attitude comes from a deep seeded fear of those outside of his clan, and even some of his clan mates and what he calls, pack mates as well. He and Tane are often complete opposites in terms of how they react to others around them, or in the area. That healthy fear has driven Hige to be more anti-social in most situations, preferring the company of Tane to anyone else, which is obvious by his clan traits.

If asked, or questioned about his relationship with Tane, Hige would reply, none of your business. He sees the world as a wild animal would most of the time, needing only basic supplies for life, and of times his terms of roughing it, are leaving naked without food or water. Everyone can be a potential threat or enemy, and often times he chooses not to fight, and runs away, for fear of Tane getting hurt. This duality of his nature comes from what most people refer to as feral. In a fight, he will kill or maim an opponent even without regard to his own safety should they hurt Tane. He has killed former friends, even other Konoha ninja and civilians because of this, one could call it the blood rage, but its more like a instinctual survival mechanism that helps him survive.

Personality Trait's: Tane, most everything else comes second
Catch Phrase: Touch him and die

Clan Information

Clan Name: Inuzuka’s
Kekkei Genkai: Inuzuka
Clan Symbol: Two Fangs
Clan Jutsu:
Beast Human Clone -
Beast Human Martial Arts Secret Technique: Heaven Twin Fang -
Beast Man Clone Combo -
Clawing Swift Wolf Fang -
Dual Piercing Fang -
Dual Wolf Fang -
Dynamic Marking -
Four Legs Technique -
Man Beast Combination Transformation: Double-Headed Wolf -
Transmission Fang -
Piercing Fang -

Clan History: Inuzaka’s known for their use of dogs (some clan members prefer wolves) as fighting companions. Clan members are apparently given their own canine partner or partners when they reach a certain age. Thereafter, the shinobi and his/her dog(s) are practically inseparable. Clan members have distinctive red fang markings on their cheeks, animalistic eyes, and enlarged canine teeth. It would seem that due to the bond between a Inuzuka clan member and their canine partner(s), their chakra is allowed to mix and is shared between them, adding a feral appearance to the human partners, and makes a bond between then that affords them the use of the clan's collaboration-style techniques, such as the Dual Piercing Fang technique.

Rank Information:
Country: Konoha
Village Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: (Ninjutsu, Genjutsu, Taijutsu, Kenjutsu, Weaponry, Medical, Puppetry, Fuuinjutsu)
Main: Genjutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu

Elemental Affinity: (Katon, Suiton, Doton, Raiton, Fuuton, Combination Elements, or Clan Elements)
Main: Fuuton
Sub: Clan Techniques

Special Characteristics: Hibe has trained to increase his strength to almost tremendous measures, capable of up rooting tree’s, or break stone walls with a simple punch.

Background Information
The name of the Inuzuka was derived from Melkor’s mentor Masashi Seitoshi. Although his original mentor has vanished into the pages of history, the Inuzuka has been relatively close to the Reikos of the Masashi clan.

Against his Father’s wishes, Hibe followed in his father’s footsteps as he sough to aid his native country as a resident ninja. While it took Melkor some time to get over his annoyance at his son’s inherited masochism and nationalism – the Inuzuka Sage was nevertheless proud of his son as he exited the Academy as one of its highest graduates.

As a genin the Inuzuka picked up various odd jobs, and when the time came he passed the chuunin exam with remarkable results. From there his career was uplifted. Unlike his cousin, who was the secretary for the Hokage, Hibe became a ninja working with the outside nations. Strangely enough all of his missions were in league with countries not known for their ninjas such as bird country and tea country. Like his father, his son was able to build relations with those around him with much difficulity and remorse.

Naturally the Inuzuka passed into jouninhood and beyond and still he continued with his individual work. By this time he was doing a bit of mercenary work as a ninja for other countries, which naturally benefited the relationship for Konoha and its fellow allies. For the most part all of the missions were indeed successful – some of them caused trouble for the Inuzuka. Some of the occurrences were too strange for the locals, and certainly the same could be said for Hige. The Inuzuka throughout these deals earned himself the nickname the wind as his knowledge expanded, and secondly he was given various fangs and teeth. Due to these incidents, the Inuzuka took up drinking – he has never been drunk, nor has he ever truly damaged himself from doing so.

RP Sample: Naru looked out at the waves of sand that curved up and down before him, stretched his arms far behind his head, laying down flat on the roof of the academy he staring around at his world of sand and sun. He pulled his hat over his eyes to create a bit of shade. The beauty of the desert is almost awing, an ever expansive stretch of reflective sands almost seeming to create entire worlds in the light of the reflection, stunning and haunting... I try to reach out and touch them and find them only to wrap around me and vanish... After graduating from the academy Naru moved out from his fathers home, his father smiled and told him he was proud of the fact that he was growing up. Naru sighed, what was he to do next? He was a ninja now... But what did that even entitle? Was he to go off and do missions... This did not appeal to him, he earnestly wanted to travel, to see the world. As his mother head told him to do with her dying words... His dad always seemed supportive of his talk of traveling the world... What was stopping him from picking up everything and leaving Sunagakure?

He hopped off the roof of the academy and felt the walls of the school as he dragged his hand against the stone walls, he looked into the distance and saw mirages dance, replaying moments of his childhood. Running through the sand playing with others, learning the ninjutsu that he now knew, the many sculptures he crafted of his class mates that got him compliments... At least when they were before him, he knew that most of them never honestly considered him their friend... Many people knew him for his crafting skills and his willingness to bring beauty and form to the city... But he was a failure as a ninja. Having a lot of potential but that he would not use, Naru always said the same thing to all the others, I am an artist, not a warrior of the shadows, I create works that bring awe, and when they have lost their majesty they erupt into a burst of color and lights that twist and bring a second wind to my performance.

Naru walked into his apartment, he looked at the scattered sketches that covered the walls, unfinished designs crumpled on the floor, it had been about a year since he became a ninja, he honestly had never done a single mission, he spent his time creating art. Selling sculptures to people he was able to keep a steady enough income, but Naru could only sculpt what he could see... Thus limiting his own personal pleasure in his creations... He walked over to his desk, books covered it... One stood out more than any other, it was a simple book with a black cover, nothing was written on the cover or the back, two letters were made with gold stitching the letters were H and M. Naru had gotten this book from his father the day he left home, his father smiled and told him Son this is my most treasured possession please keep it safe with you always. Naru smiled and agreed accepting the gift.

He stood there for a moment staring at the book on his desk, he pulled a chair out and sat at his desk and picking up the book, as he held it in his hands he flipped through the pages, Naru always felt a bit of warmth as he held this book. It was a journal that Hitomi his mother had written while she had traveled with Moji his father... It talked about all the interesting people, each with their own unique personality. Some with many thoughts on the most impotent things, others thought of trivial things. Some were happy some were sad... It also described places of absolute stunning beauty, his mother had drawn many places and people in this book and taken just as many photos... As he flipped through the pages and a photo fell from the book... He picked it up... Looking at it he saw something truly stunning, a real master piece of craftsmanship, two large towering men made of stone stood before a water fall on the back of the photo it had the word Konoha written on it... This was the settling point, Suna had much to offer... But nothing like this... He looked over to his dresser and grabbed a large trunk from next to it and began packing,
"I have spent the last year fighting this... But Naru Ryotayuki is leaving Suna!"

Naru packed clothes into his trunk, as he stuffed in his shirts he looked up at the table next to his bed, a picture sat atop it's sleek wooden surface, he walked over to it and held it up for a moment, it was a photo of him when he was 5 he was smiling playing with sand on the ground... He remembered his mother and father had taken this picture together, he put the picture into his coat pocket with the journal, he grabbed the last of his things and packed them slowly into his bag... He grabbed a piece of paper and wrote a quick note,
"I have gone to see the world... Don't worry I will eventually return... And with many stories! Tales of grandeur! I'm going to write a novel just as my mother did so long ago, I will see the world for what it is and then I shall find what my true muse is."

Naru put the note on a table and quickly went to sleep... He would leave under the cover of night... He sat in his bed waiting for sleep to take him, he began to wonder how his father must have felt the first time he went off into the world... His life felt so far away... He wondered if he should say good bye to his dad? But quickly pushed this idea aside, to see the world he had to do this on his own. He pulled his blankets tight over himself. He felt himself begin to slide into sleep.

Naru woke up in the middle of the night, he heard the sounds of the winds blowing up sand outside his home, the way it carried it almost sounded as if the entire desert was singing. It was beautiful and it echoed through the air carrying into his home. He stood up and put his clothes on, he grabbed his possessions quickly and began towards the door... He stopped looking over at his closet... In it lay a large black trunk, he frowned looking at it... The one thing Naru never mastered, his mothers viola... He walked over to the case and picked it up,
"Mom... I think I'll take you on this trip with me... So you can relive the feeling one more time..."

Naru through the cloth bag over his shoulder and tightened it. He walked to the door and stood there for a moment... He reached out and touched the knob... Opening the door sand blew into his home... The winds blew heavily by his face, he brought his collar up high and put on a pair of goggles, walking into the sand he looked at his waist... He had enough clay to get him started... He began to preform hand signs... Slipping some clay into his hands he twisted and moved his hands, not like a shinobi would do hand signs... But like a sculptor creates a sculptor... He moved his hands with a delicate finesse that only someone absorbed entirely into his work could... He created and created till his masterpiece was finished, a large bird with elaborate and detailed wings, a scale like glimmer mixed with the clay gave it a reflective appearance so that it shone with the moonlight, Naru petted the bird and hopped atop it. He felt it lift off the ground, the wind blew through his hair as he lifted farther and farther into the sky, he broke thought the sand layer and could see the moon high above... He laid down flat on the bird and smiled... Bringing out a sketch book he drew the moon above him...
"I did it..."

Hige Inuzaka

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Hige Inuzuka Empty Re: Hige Inuzuka

Post by Austin on Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:18 pm

I assume this is a Work in Progress since your jutsu aren't listed?

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Hige Inuzuka Empty Re: Hige Inuzuka

Post by Hige Inuzaka on Sat Feb 27, 2010 3:48 pm

Indeed Rusuban... indeed

Hige Inuzaka

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Hige Inuzuka Empty Re: Hige Inuzuka

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