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The Legend of Ishal - Book 1: The Legend Begins

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The Legend of Ishal - Book 1: The Legend Begins Empty The Legend of Ishal - Book 1: The Legend Begins

Post by Tashigi on Fri Mar 05, 2010 12:02 am

This is the first part of a book series I’m going to be writing. It’s the introduction to Book one. Please enjoy, and PM all reviews to me, instead of posting them.

The Legend of Ishal
Book 1: The Legend Begins

There have bee many legends throughout time. Legends of Elves and Men. Legends of Dwarfs, and Goblins. But these legends belong to the larger races in the world of Ishal. The greatest legend of all, though, belongs to a smaller race. The race of Ingars. Ingars are a small, simple, peaceful folk, full of hope. This legend – A legend of truth – is the most real, and the most hopeful. For it tells the story of how the light was brought back into Ishal.

It is the Legend of Hope.

Please, read on, and delve deep into the mystical world of Ishal. But be warned – This is not a story that is happy, but sad and frightening. But is you can pass the fiery pits of Hangdon, and the mountains of Caterin, then you will learn the true secret of hope, and the true symbol of Ishal.

Now delve into out history – Ishal’s history – and discover a world you never knew existed.

~Karnide the Ingar of the land of Ishal.

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