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 Katsu Aburame [DONE]

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PostSubject: Katsu Aburame [DONE]   Sat Mar 27, 2010 7:59 pm

General Information

Name: Katsu Takeshi

Nickname/Alias: N/A

Age: 19

Gender: Male


Katsu Aburame's skin colour is white and yellow mixed together. He is 124 lbs, 6"7 tall he has insane dark black hair, and blue eyes. Katsu always were's a sweater that is all white on the outside and black on the inside. Though he washes the sweater every 2 days. He has muscles but it doesn't show but when he takes his shirt of you see it. Katsu is very flexible when he battles he can bend down and toucht eh ground without bending his knees.

His hair is always spiked up like in the picture and his neck is very long. He always carries smoke bombs around with him in his little pocket as he usually does. He isn't fat he's pretty skinny in my way. So now imagine him in you're head therefore there is the description about Kenji Hyoka there is more after! The random amazing guy!

Personality: Katsu is a silent guy he doesn't really adores or loves talking. He hates children ALOT. He wished kids never existed in HIS world. Though he always loves revenge when it comes to battling he has a little brother that doesn't seem to be annoying he feels the same as Katsu. He loves Ramen and rice too he adores eating while he has spare time and is hungry. He takes most missions seriously and some not because it may be easy he has completed this much missions.

Katsu is independent, secretly sensitive, and has a weird sense of humor that only some people get. Katsu has lived with his father for her whole life, so he learned how to keep the house in order, make dinner, and do other household things by herself, this developed her interdependency. Because of his independence he makes it seem to others that she is strong and that little bothers hi,, but that is not the case. He takes things to heart too often and has his feelings hurt easily. His mood's contradict each other sometimes, and at some points in her life it is difficult to see how he will react.

Katsu is pretty bloodthirsty for his age, he prefers fight over flight. He is sometimes blinded by the inevitability of the situation, and this could lead to her death in the future. He is sometimes immature, and is often referred to having her mind in the gutter. She is also known for his flaring attitude, and her extremely bad language. Because of some of her bad qualities,he has not yet recieved a squad to train. Worse, children actually avoid him. It is well known that Katsu HATES children.

Katsu's independence will also be part of his eventual downfall. He liked to be by himself in combat, and dislikes teamwork, but can stand it. He does not have a strong sense of nationalism at all, and could be convinced to do things easily if they involve adventure and freedom. He likes Konohagakure, but he thinks inside that the outside world is more exciting and adventurous then in a walled in village.

Personality Trait's: N/A

Catch Phrase:
  • Move it!
  • Wanna battle?
  • Don't underestimate me.
  • You so need to work on it.

Clan Information

Clan Name: Aburame
Kekkei Genkai: Has the ability to control and communicate with bugs.At birth, clan members form an agreement with bugs to inhabit and feed on the chakra their body creates. In return the bugs will serve the commands of the clan member. They not only possess the ability to manipulate the bugs inside of them, but can also talk to the critters that crawl across the ground. The Aburame Clan’s aspects are quite useful for gathering information.

Clan Symbol:

Clan Jutsu:

Name: Mushi Yose no Jutsu - Insect Gathering Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: E
Element: -
Description: After forming the needed hand seals, the clan user will place their hand to a surface and extend a web-like chakra lure to insects in the surrounding area to their location. Running this web over the area will cause any nearby bugs to walk up into it and follow it back to the source. This is a great way to collect information by communicating with the bugs.

Name: Kikaichuu no Jutsu - Destruction Bug Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D
Element: -
Description: The host can use the bugs to seek out the chakra of the opponent and attack them, absorbing the chakra and returning a portion of it to the user.

Name: Mushi Bunshin no Jutsu - Insect Clone Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Description: Using the destruction bugs living in their body, the clan host uses the bugs to form a Bunshin copy to trick their opponent. Once damaged by an attack, the technique ends and the clone disperses back into the bugs that formed it.

Name: Mushi Kabe no Jutsu - Insect Wall Technique
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Element: -
Description: After forming the needed hand seals, the clan user will expel the destruction bugs living in their body. The bugs will surround the member and fly at a high rate of speed forming a protective wall vortex. The vortex will be strong enough to destroy incoming attacks. The vortex can be disrupted and the clan members inside rendered vulnerable if sufficient explosive force is expended outside the protective shell.

Clan History: Once a small clan, the Aburame grew over the years and can now be seen with signature sunglasses and bulky clothing to hide their clan’s Kekkai Genkai. At birth, the Aburame are introduced and infused with the Kikai, small destructive bugs that feed off Chakra. Covering their bodies to keep their enemies clueless to the bugs, the Aburame can use the Kikai Mushi to attack or track enemies, even steal their Chakra. The clan has been noted for hailing from not only Konohagakure no Sato, but from Sunagakure as well, now, however, they’re a country-wide clan

Rank Information:
Country: Konoha No Sato
Village Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:
Main: Ninjutsu
Sub: Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity:
Main: Raiton
Sub: Suiton

Special Characteristics: Katsu can do hand signs pretty quick only himself knows no one else.


Name:] Gokan Sakusou Powder
Rank: B-A
Special Abilities: Confuses the opponent’s senses, causing severe dizziness, confusion moving, and other hallucinations
Origin: Passed down from the family tree.


~A Rank Raiton~

Name: Gian - False Darkness
Rank: A
Type: Nin
Element: Raiton • Lightning
Description: Raiton • Gian is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Lightning Element. After releasing lightning manipulated chakra from their body, the user will use it to release a strong bolt of electricity from their mouth.

Name: Rairyuu no Tatsumaki - Lightning Dragon Tornado
Rank: A
Type: Nin
Element: Raiton • Lightning
Description: The user will draw lightning down upon their body. The current will be contained within and around the user’s form. The user will then begin to spin in place, forming a whirling vortex of wind and electricity. The vortex will take on the form of a dragon and strike out against an opponent. Even if the attack doesn’t directly connect with the foe, the lightning can jump from the vortex to hit a nearby target.

~B Rank Raiton~

Name: Ikadzuchi no Kiba - Lightning Bolt Fang
Rank: B
Type: Nin
Element: Raiton • Lightning
Description: The user will send a plume of an electrified chakra-like essence into the clouds above to activate bolts of lightning to rain down upon a target.

Name:Raigeki no Yoroi - Lightning Strike Armor
Rank: B
Element: Raiton • Lightning
Description: The user will envelope their body in a protective armor of lightning that will harm anyone who dares strike them directly.

Name: Toruneedo Raitoningu - Tornado Lightning
Rank: B
Type: Nin
Element: Raiton • Lightning
Description: Using some form of hand seals, the user can generate lightning from their palms, which they can whip around to destroy anything in their surroundings.

~C Rank Raiton~

Name: Raikyuu - Lightning Ball
Rank: C
Type: Nin
Element: Raiton • Lightning
Description: The user will form a ball of electricity, which they can hurl at their opponent.

~A Rank Suiton~

Name: Daibakufu no Jutsu - Grand Waterfall Technique
Rank: A
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Suiton • Daibakufu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After doing the needed hand seals, a column of water will circle the ninja and then a large force of water will erupt to hit the attacker. Due to the force of the water, the target will be fully enveloped by the water and at its mercy as it pulls them away.

Name: Suijinheki - Water Encampment Wall
Rank: A
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Suiton • Suijinheki is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. The ninja will first do a string of hand seals and then proceed to blow out a jet of water from their mouth to act as a water barrier from incoming attack.

~B Rank Suiton~

Name: Suiryuudan no Jutsu - Water Dragon Projectile Technique
Rank: B
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Suiton • Suiryuudan no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. The ninja does a long string of hand seals, which then causes a column of water in the form of a dragon to rise from the water and then strike the target.

Name: Baku Suishouha - Bursting Water Collision Waves
Rank: B
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Suiton • Baku Suishouha is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After forming the needed hand seals, the user will expel water from their gullet. This will then expand into a large volume of water. They can control the water by riding on top of the waves.

~C Rank Suiton~

Name: Mizu no Tatsumaki - Tornado of Water
Rank: C
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Mizu no Tatsumaki is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to create a spinning water vortex around the ninja. The water acts as a barrier against attacks and can also knock an opponent backwards if they come in contact with it.

Name: Suigadan - Water Fang Projectile
Rank: B
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Suiton • Suigadan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. The ninja does a string of hand seals to cause a nearby body of water to form a spinning drill.

Name: Suirou no Jutsu - Water Prison Technique
Rank: C
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Suirou no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to imprison an opponent. The ninja forms the necessary hand seals, which causes the water to form around the target into a spherical prison that only allows for limited movement. The ninja must keep their body touching the water prison to maintain its existence. If the contact is broken, the water falls away and their target is released. When combined with a Bunshin technique, the ninja can imprison their target with the use of the clone so long as it can use such jutsu.

Name: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu - Water Clone Technique
Rank: C
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to create a Bunshin clone. Unlike a normal Bunshin, the Mizu Bunshin has the ability to interact more with the environment due to it having physical substance. This allows the clone to carry out limited attacks on its target. The range of the clone is limited, however. It cannot travel very far from the original body. If the Mizu Bunshin is injured, the clone will revert back into its natural water state.

Name: Mizu no Muchi - Whip of Water
Rank: D
Type: Nin
Element:Sution • Water
Description: Mizu no Muchi is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to create a whip of water and smacks the opponent or capture the opponent and be tied up.

Name: Mizukuri no Yaiba - Sword of Draining
Rank: D
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Mizukuri no Yaiba is a Ninjutsu technique that utilizes water to create a sword. The sword can be wielded in normal fashion, allowing the ninja to cut and stab like a normal blade.

Name: Mizuame Nabara - Starch Syrup Capture Field
Rank: D
Type: Nin
Element: Sution • Water
Description: Suiton • Mizuame Nabara is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Water Element. After forming the needed hand seals, the user will expel a sticky liquid from his gullet. If the target runs on top of the liquid, their feet will become glued to its sticky surface, and it will become difficult to maneuver. If the ninja focuses chakra to their feet BEFORE touching the surface, they can hover above and move over it without hindrance. This allows the user or a comrade to charge and attack without fear of becoming bogged down as well.

Background Information

Pre-Academy Arc:

Katsu had grown up on a farm outside the village of Kirigakure. He, there learned to farm, and grow and cook his own foods, like any normal person, but was isolated from the outside world. His parents kept him strictly on the farm. They taught him all he needed to learn, and his father was a former shinobi, long since retired, but he couls still teach a few basic techniques. When this took place, his father taught him how to wield a sword and fight in melee combat, and, since his father was from Mist Country, he knew nothing of the local ninjutsu or water techniques, he only knew water and fire, the complete contradictory combo of elements. He learned many basic techniques with a sword, those that require no sort of skill to do, same with the taijutsu, he learned enough to basically win a fight.

As he progressed into his early teenage years, he found himself becoming more and more skilled in these arts, and also in the basic everyday life arts as well. He found this being his key to getting out of the farm, and to explore the world. It's not like he didn't love his parents, or the farm, he had nothing against them, he just didn't want to spend all his life in a bubble.

Academy Arc:

Katsu spent most of his academy days to himself. At the beginning, especially. He took to his studies mainly, and stuck to them. He had no time for friends if he wanted to be a successful shinobi, and that was his fathers' downfall, so he did not want to be a weak genin, like his father, though, it is hard for him to say that, because his father taught him most of the things he knows today. He excelled in all of his studies, and techniques, being at the highest of his class in all categories. He was made an example of a model student, but did not let this go to his head, so he just continued to do what he wanted to do, and that was to study,m and better himself.

Once he knew he was far enough ahead of all his fellow classmates, he then made time to make friends, and he made quite a lot of them. Most of them were ridden off as "nerds" but he didn't care, they were some of the more talented ones as well, and these were the only ones he would accept, because of their ability, they knew they were fearedm so in a way, if they wished, they could become bullies.

Katsu finished that year as valedictorian, with a perfect 4.0 GPA and flawless citizenship record, not even so much as a dot of wrong on it, he always obeyed rules, but the only negative comment he got from any of his teachers, well, there were two, but he only considered one of them to be vital: Learn to believe in yourself more. And this would be the goal for the rest of his days as a shinobi. Well, that and to do his always apparent goal: to better himself.

Genin Arc:

Katsu began as a genin with high expectations, but he never held it to him to do what other people wanted him to do, only what he wanted, and those who had the power to make him do what he had to. He was assigned a team, with one whom had nearly died the previous year in the Chuunin Exams, and another that seemed to have no desire to do much of anything in the world, so he really didn't bother to talk to either of them, unless
A) it was necessary, or
B) One began conversation with him first. So, he just kept to himself once again, and just mainly spoke to his sensei. And he did this rarely as well, only if he needed help, which wasn't very often, or when he felt like he was surrounded by idiots, and needed intellectual conversation.

He entered the Chuunin Exams as the heavy favorite to win it all, at all costs. Alernik looked as the Chuunin Exams as more of a gate to the rank of chuunin, rather than an obstacle, he thought of it as a goal to achieve. He whizzed thru the written exams, and the first round was no problem. He had little struggle with the second. With the finals in his grasp, he was heavily favored yet again. He barely won the match, he left with a broken leg, and a sprained left forearm. Te ther contestant barely made it out alive. The final four remaining made chuunin.

Chuunin Arc:

Katsu stood at the top of Tsuchi Mountain. He had gotten transported to Amegakure, because they had a shortage of genin, after a recent accident that happened in the city. He gladly went here, he always dreamed about visiting Konoha. Here, he had met the famous Hokage, and got a mission, fulfilled it within a few days, and received another. This is really all he had done as his Chuunin months pressed on, and eventually, after he received more and more advanced missions, he became a Jounin.

Jounin Arc:

Katsu began his Jounin days very unenthusiastically, not being in the mood most of the time to deal with genin, and he doeswn't normally have the patience, but he would like to test them, and see what they can do, and compare them to him when he was a genin. When his team was fully assigned, he looked at them as a good team. He had a ninjutsu specialist, medical ninja, and an archer, truly unique.

They completed 5 missions in the seven months they were together. Apparently, Katsu had taught them well enough how to make strategies, and balance out their uses in combat, and in the real world, when you are not being a shinobi, and just a civilian, because they had all obtained chuunin after the Chuunin Exams, so he felt a sense of pride, and very slightly, self confidence, maybe he was meant to be the unsung leader, and he didn't even know this, for he had never gotten a chance, or an experience quite like this. RP Sample:

Katsu walked into a empty field surrounded by a lush forest the sun beating down on the circular field along with a soft gust. Katsu walked into the center of the field the dirt crunching under his wooden sandles. He kept his white hair spiked in its normal fashion wearing his wide sleeveless robe. Katsu pulled his gloves out of his pocket and put them on his hands closing and opening his hands to make sure they were on in a comfortable way for him. Katsu put both his hands down making two large puffs of smoke. After the puffs of smoke were blown away by the soft gust revealing two large figures one a dark skinned man slightly taller then Katsu with two large wings wearing a set of golden armor holding a golden double sided spear. The armor and weapon so bright in the sunlight it almost blinding him every time he looked at it. The other man the same height as the man in the golden armor wore a suit of armor that looked very heavy no skin being shown on his body the armor the darkest black possible and yellow horns on the top of the armor. The man also wore a very ragged yellow cape and a sword with a yellow blade and a black almost purple handle with symbols engraved in the blade.

"Prove to me that you are strong enough to fight by my side."

Katsu smiled as both the men put their weapons close to their faces.

"I will defeat this weakling and keep my spot on the seven deadly sins."

The man in the golden armor smiled and waved his hand at the man as if to be saying 'bring it on'.

"You greedy weakling you can never defeat the sin called pride!"

The man's voice echoed in the dark armor as he spoke. He put the sword on his shoulder as he charged quickly at the man called greed a high speed. Greed threw his double sided spear up to block it and taking to the sky putting his hand up. Kikun ran into the forest to get out of the fight that was about to take place to avoid being injured. Suddenly it began to rain golden coins around greed. The man in the dark armor called pride being so skilled with his sword was able to send the coins back at him at a very high speed turning them into projectiles. Greed spun his double sided spear knocking the golden coins send back at him into the air knocking other coins away and making both of them useless. After deflecting the coins that rained down on him pride put his sword into the air the symbols on his sword glowing a dark purple and flaming. Waving his sword around him greed created multiple orb of shadow chakra around him that fired at a high speed at the sin of greed. Greed managed to dodge almost all of the orbs besides one that hit his right wing and sent him crashing to the ground. Kikun using his other wing to lessen the damage he would take as he fell. The sin of greed quickly got to his feet and threw his spear at the sin of pride. Pride blocked the spear with his sword and charged at greed and swinging his sword trying to cut him in half. Greed blocked the sword with his golden cuffs and punched pride in the face. Greed using his control over the element of metal to create a spear of gold that stood straight up that he grabbed and jabbed rapidly at the sin of pride. The sin taking a step back from a punch quickly reacting to block the strikes from the double sided spear as he charged a orb of dark chakra in the hand he doesn't use to swing his sword and pushing it at the sin of greed after the last jab from the spear. The orb of chakra melted the mans golden chest piece of armor and his chain mail under it leaving only his bare chest. The man took a step back holding his chest with one hand and snapping his fingers on his other hand making the gold melting around prides feet and quickly hardening making him stuck in the ground. Pride then raised his hand the rest of the gold floating into the air and melting and reforming into golden spear while pride swung his sword around him to again create multiple shadow orbs of shadow chakra. Both of them fired their attacks at the same time and had no time to react to the attack the spears piercing through prides body and the orbs of shadow chakra lighting greed on fire. Both of the summoned creatures disappeared in a puff of smoke and kikun laughed as he left the forest going back to the mist village.

"Figures they are the same strength."
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Katsu Aburame [DONE]

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