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Character Creation Guide~

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Character Creation Guide~

Post by Roxas on Tue Feb 23, 2010 9:36 pm

General Information

What is you character’s name? Please avoid unsuitable names (either rude or inappropriate in relation to the Naruto universe). The best idea is to find a Japanese name that you like. With this in mind I include a few useful links and tips:

For Japanese First Names:
For Japanese Family/Clan Names:

While not particularly important it may be of benefit to your roleplaying experience to understand that Japanese put a different emphasis on their word order then in the west. You may wish to reflect this when making a name
In the West one puts your first name first, followed by one’s family name. The opposite applies in Japan and Naruto. E.g. rather then saying John Smith it would be Smith John. Example from Naruto: Uzimaki Naruto, Uchiha Sasuke. As you can see in both cases the clan/family name comes first
Do your friends call you anything specific, or are you known and feared by many with a certain name? This could be a nickname at lower ranks or a title/alias at higher ranks. Sarutobi was known as the Professor, Jiraiya the Toad Sage and Nagato as Pain
How old is your Character? The age you pick should reflect your characters rank and background. You are not likely to find 30 year old academy students or inversely 10 year old Kages. To aid you I have included an average age scale for the various ranks. This is does not need to be strictly adhered to but applications well outside the range may not be successful:
  • Academy Student: 6-13. Most graduate at 13
  • Genin: New Genin are normally 13. 12-15
  • Chunin: 15+
  • Jounin: 17+
  • ANBU: 18+
  • Kage: 20+

It doesn't get more simple than this! Male or Female, choose one or the other. We do not want to see any 'Unknown's or 'Not Any'.
This needn’t be long all you need to do is write a paragraph or two concerning a chars looks and if possible a picture is normally appreciated. While not necessary it is often a good idea to have a similar avatar to your character’s picture. Detailed below are two good examples of this:
Kimiko has beautiful Amethyst colored eyes and heavy eyelashes. She has long brown curly hair that almost looks blonde in the bright sunlight. Her hair reaches just above her elbows which is also sometimes in a loose ponytail. Her skin is very light and soft. Her body is in pretty good shape as well, having no scares...yet.

Occasionally, Kimiko randomly wears red goggles on the top of her head, right behind her long uneven bangs. They actually aren't that big, but are still noticable as just a pair of goggles. She wears them whenever she is also studying potions, herbs, and looking at random things intently. Most of the time Kimiko likes to wear shirts that let her see her wrists, this is why she will probably wearing a form fitting shirt with slight loose sleeves. Basically she will probably wear anything that she wants to wear. She will always look different in a way.

On 'special' occasions, Kimiko loves to wear the old fashion Kimono. Her hair while be in a cute high ponytail with small ortaments in them, and her light skin will clash with the dark colors of the kimono designs and lipstick that she enjoys.
Rika has long black hair. Her normal eyes have a light greenish color. Her face normally has a somber appearance and she almost never smiles. She wears a white jounin jacket and black under it. Her boots and pants are also black. She wears long black gloves that go halfway up her bicep and have a small metal plate on the back of her hand. She has an ANBU tattoo on her arm symbolizing she was once an ANBU.

In this section you tell us what your character is like. The more detailed the better. What he likes, what he dislikes? What he loves and hates? What is his nindo, how he treats other people and is perceived, his hobbies etc. Posted below are two good examples:
Kimiko is very imaginative and thoughtful. Kimiko has a slight above average IQ and enjoys reading various of things. She pays attention to her elders well and works very hard. Something to note is that her way of thinking of certain things could labled as 'weird' or 'strange' but she dosen't really mind that. She has a love for sceince, potions, and chemicals even though those are the things that have changed Kimiko in a certain way. Kimiko is almost always calm but full of life, for she dosen't mind meeting new people and shes fond of making friends. Its funny though because at first, she will probably not really want to talk to you unless shes interested. No matter what though, she is still very polite with the utmost manners. Of course thats only if your being nice to her.

Kimiko dislikes nagging, messy work space, and failed attempts at making jokes...

Her slow body movement can irritate her at times, like when she is training with friends or running. She just reminds herself that its not that big of a deal and its not that noticable. This is probably why she is never seen being hyper because it will tire her out. In a attempt to keep her body strong she eats pretty healthy and does yoga. Of course doing such things dosen't make her body move any faster.
Contrary to his appearance of looking evil, Hagane is a very kind and understanding person; he is mellow and down to earth and just generally gets along with everyone. He is considered to be a brotherly figure amongst the people he meets, often looking out for those younger than him and giving them bit’s and pieces of choice advice he has picked up during his life. Hagane does not hate people nor does he hold grudges, every chance he gets to meet someone he cherishes it. He is not without wit either; if he is not helping someone or he is trying to lighten the mood of a tense situation, you will find him in no short supply of sarcasm or humor. He is very prone to making nick names for the people he meets.

After losing his loved one when he was 15 Hagane has grown slightly distant emotionally, he wont get too attached to someone he like's because of the pain he had to endure through all of his years as a missing nin. In order to push people away Hagane has become a bit of a flirt, hoping that his female companions will see him as somewhat of a shallow pig and not get too attached to him. He want's to love someone again but he is very fearful of it. All the scars in the world could not compare to the one left on his broken heart. What's worse is that it was all his fault and he could have probably prevented it from ever happening.

Hagane can be cold and heartless when it’s needed; however, this side of him is reserved strictly for fighting as he needs to separate himself from the reality of things. If he didn’t do this to himself the guilt of hurting someone else would devour him emotionally and it would cause him to go insane like it did in the past. He is a veteran fighter and a survivalist, he knows what needs to be done and when it needs doing.
Personality Trait's:
Generally what your character primarily centers around. It could be their art, religion, training, etc.
Catch Phrase: (Does your char have any catch phrase's? Optional)
Does your character have any catch phrases or sayings examples:
“I never give up”
“How tiresome”
“Do I look fat in this”

Rank Information:
This is the village you live or were raised in. Nin should put down the Village (e.g. Leaf, Sand, Mist etc, feel free to use the Japanese name such as Konoha, Suna, Kiri. Currently only Leaf, Sand, Kiri and Kumo are available choices
Village Rank: Skill Rank:
What rank is your character? Genin, Chuunin, S Rank Missing Nin …? For most it is suggested that you start at Genin if not as an academy Student (for people who have never rped before) to get into the swing of things. More experienced players can apply for higher ranks such as Jounin. A key reason for this is the higher the characters rank the longer and more complicated the app will be. A elite S Class Nin should have many pages full of hidden depth with substantial jutsu lists and a detailed background. The rank of the Nin you are applying for is important to bare in mind with regard to the character as a whole as it will impact on everything from your history to your starting jutsu.

Skill Information

Skill Specialty:
Much like elemental affinity your character will be skilled in certain spheres having a primary and secondary specialization. It will be assumed all chars have a certain level of skill at all Nin aspects accept specialized ones such as Medical, Puppetry and Fuuinjutsu which all require considerable study.

Your available choices are as follows: Kenjutsu (Weapon Fighting), Taijutsu (Hand to Hand), Ninjutsu (Most Jutsu fall into this category), Genjutsu (Illusions), Fuuinjutsu (Sealing), Medical Jutsu, Puppetry

Due to ones ability in these areas being ultimately down to your characters personal choice (unlike elemental affinity) it’s possible through RP to change ones specialization, much as anyone in real life can retrain in a different profession. This requires Admin/mod approval. However it is important to note you must learn any new jutsu in the standard way and that you can only ever have two specializations. Any new one will replace one of your existing ones.

Elemental Affinity:
What elements does your character use? Every character will normally have one primary and one subsidiary element. The Element’s being Water, Fire, Earth, Wind and Lightning. Fire, Wind and Lightning techniques tend to be predominantly offensive in nature while Earth ones are mainly defensive. Water ones are somewhere in the middle and provide good flexibility. Your choice of element should be reflected in your Jutsu choices.

Special Characteristics:
Special Characteristics of your character that can pertain to their work ethic, skill, etc.

They needn’t be added unless you want to but remember you can only use approved weapons except for very basic types like kunai and shuriken. If however you want/plan to create one especially for your character it should be mentioned, along with details of its appearance, abilities and origins in the format provided on the Weapon Creation sub forum. It is highly suggested you read the guide to weapon creation before attempting it. Puppets should also go in this section with all relevant details if applicable.

Jutsus: (Use the the following template)
Last but not least what Jutsu does your character possess. For those new to the Naruto RP experience this is often the most daunting section so I will go through it step by step.

Firstly when doing an app all Jutsu must be of the same level or lower then the Nin. For example a Chuunin should never have a Jutsu above B to begin with. The details are as follows:

* Academy Student: Maximum of D Rank Techniques
* Genin / C Rank: Maximum of C Rank Techniques and one B Rank
* Chuunin / B Rank: Maximum of B Rank Techniques and one A Rank
* Jounin / A Rank: Maximum of A Rank Techniques and one S Rank
* ANBU / A Rank: Maximum of A Rank Techniques and two S Ranks
* ANBU / S Rank: Maximum of A Rank Techniques and five S Ranks
* Kage / S Rank: Maximum of A Rank Techniques and seven S Ranks

* Akatsuki: Maximum of A Rank Techniques and seven two S Ranks.
* Akatsuki Leader: Maximum of A Rank Techniques and six S Ranks

S Rank Jutsu are by their nature extremely powerful and thus no character should reasonably need more then a handful. Even the strongest Kage or the Akatsuki leader will only know so many. Most S Class Ninja only know a few, the powerful ones two or three. This is because they are all essentially fatal if they work, execution techniques and one only requires so many ways to skin a cat. If your have more then 5 your character application should be reconsidered for being OP and you might want to consider what you really want from the RP experience.

A shinobi will only know and may only use clan jutsu of their level. As he progresses so to will his range of Jutsu however no Genin will have be able to perform an S Class technique as a result of his Kekkei Genkai.

Lastly as already mentioned under Jounin no applications should contain Jutsu which the character has not got an elemental affinity too.

If you are at a loss of where to start there are a number of good databases with all the techniques used in the manga, series and movies listed with all the information you could need:

* Leafninja –

(If anyone is aware of any others please PM the as yet un-appointed individual with any changes or developments so that they can update the list)

If you can’t find a Jutsu that fits you needs or if you would prefer to you can app in the Jutsu creation forum to create a new one. Please read the rules outline in the forum before starting. You will have ample opportunity to learn more Jutsu through RP. The banned cannon jutsu list can be found here:

Background Information
This is your characters history. Depending on the rank of your character this could be relatively short and sweet or very long and detailed. That said even the shortest background should be a few paragraphs long if possible. The background should be laid out in easy to read arcs such as pre academy arc, academy arc genin arc, chunnin etc. The more senior the Nin’s rank the greater the number and complexity of the arcs. Here are two good examples, one a genin and one a Jounin to give you a rough idea of what is expected:
Childhood Arc: Hayate was born into the Dokuyaku clan, his parents and other family members with the exception of his grandfather were killed by a toxin they were developing. It is unknown why Hayate and his grandfather carried immunity to the poison. Hayate lives with his grandfather, Hatake, he is trained in medical ninjutsu and water ninjutsus by him. Hatake was the clan’s last leader before it was wiped out. The Dokuyaku clan uses poisons in many of their techniques, given this information Hayate is required by Hatake to carry a plethora of knowledge on toxins and how they affect the anatomy of their enemies. Living a mostly solitary life, Hayate and his grandfather spend most of their time, playing chess and researching and developing new poisons and antidotes for use by the village. Although Hayate is at a young age, he has the maturity and intelligence of those far older than him. He is considered to be wise beyond his years by his grandfather. They Live on the outskirts of the village and are frequently visited by peoples, looking for cures and medicines. They turn a profit off of selling the potions and antidotes.

Academy Arc: Hayate passed through the academy with much ease. Everyday in the academy seemed to breeze by in seconds. He focused most of his time into developing new poisons and techniques that incorporated them. People would refer to him as the academy’s ‘ghost’. Partially called this because of his pale complexion, but moreover because he just passed through, as if there where no obstacles in his way. Come exam day, he passed with ease and was praised for having the highest scores in his class. He didn’t care, he had more important things to do, more poisons to develop with his grandfather. Upon graduation from the academy and acceptance into a Genin team he was ecstatic, which was rather unusual for him as it went against his general demeanor. The reason for all the excitement was because he knew that his grandfather would be proud of him. On that same day he briskly travelled home, ready to tell his grandfather the good news. Upon arriving at his residence he searched for his grandfather. He couldn’t find him in the house, he decided to go outside and see if he was in the garden collecting samples for his latest concoction. Hayate proceeded outside, the sight he saw that day emotionally destroyed him. The sight of his grandfather lying on the ground in a pile of his own blood was too much for him, there where kunai and signs of battle scattered on the ground near him. He quickly rushed to his grandfather’s side and began examining the body. His throat was slit, at there where numerous gashes covering his body. Hayate broke down, he cried and agonized over his grandfathers death. The corrosive tears rolling down his pale cheek. His mentor, his friend, the last of his family had all been taken from him and he was truly alone. Hayate became something of a recluse that day. Only ever leaving his house for a mission, or to get food, he tormented himself in his loneliness. The only thought in his head was his grandfathers dead and bloodied corpse, it devoured him from the inside. He vowed revenge for his loss, Hayate became and ruthless and malicious… if only he could play chess with Hatake now, the victor would be clear.

Genin Arc: Hayate completes missions with ruthless efficiency, he doesn’t care who get hurt, or what gets destroyed as long as the mission is completed. He has adapted to his sorrow and made it bear fruit.

RP Sample:
This is your chance to show admins/mods your RP skills. Post a sample of role playing, either a new one or an old unrelated one (it needn’t be your character or even about Naruto) will be fine so veteran RPers will just have to paste something in. For new players applying for an AS or Genin rank Nin this needn’t be substantial. It is assumed to a greater or lesser extent that your RP skills are still rather rudimentary. Don’t let you get this down, everyone has to start at the bottom and you will quickly develop you own unique and exciting style. Here are some good examples:
Ouda sat down at his writing desk, took up a quill dipped in ink, and began to write. "I have to create this sample for everyone to learn from," The merchant mumbled quietly to himself.

"First I should mention proper punctuation and spelling," Ouda continued. "We can't expect everyone to be perfect, but it's alway good to try your best, right? Typos happen, but at least make an effort to post legibly so that everyone understands what you're saying."

As the words continued to flow across the paper Ouda warmed to the subject at hand. "Oh, and spacing your paragraphs out like this, whenever you switch perspectives or start a new line of thought, is the mark of a good writer." Thoughts were coming to the rotund merchant more easily now.

"Write down what your character is thinking or saying, but also what they see and hear. Be descriptive and creative," Ouda continued, then stopped for a moment to pour himself a drink of loqua from the glass decanter that sat on the side of his writing desk. Taking a sip, he continued.
Jiro silently leapt from shadow to shadow careful to avoid puddles or loose debris that might give his position away. The drunken samurai ahead sauntered on oblivious to the dark intent of its pursuer still fondly reminiscing about the brothel girl he had beaten for his own sadistic pleasures. Yes, Jiro thought to himself, he would do perfectly.

The samurai stumbled drunk and half witted down the narrow gap between two buildings weaving between the myriad of carelessly stacked boxes and crates. Suddenly he heard a splash ahead, as though something had dropped into a puddle from a great height. Straining his eyes, his right hand automatically reaching for his sheathed katana, he called out trying to keep his worry out of drink sodden voice:

“Who’s there? Whoever you are you had best get out of my way, I am a trained samurai and don’t think I will not kick the living hell into you if you bother me”

In the distance he heard an odd click and then the wring of metal. Only a flash of moonlight in the dark reflecting off metal hinted at what was to come. A large blood red blade flew past his face missing by a mere cm’s pulling in its wake a long black chain only to bury itself 10ft further down, to the hilt in a nearby wall.

Trying to shake off the booze and his aching limbs the Samurai took a step back and whispered to himself:

“It missed. That was a close one. I need to finish this quick. He’s clearly Nin if a not a very good one from his aim”

Then the chain was suddenly pulled tight and the blade came whipping back, a flick of an unseen hand changing its directory. Finally pulling his katana free with his right hand he slowly raise his left and felt the warm wet patch on his cheek where the intruders blade had left a shallow cut. From the darkness he heard a chilling voice:

“I never miss”

Footsteps slowly advanced towards the Samurai. The moonlight was poor up ahead only partially illuminating the passage, however what was illuminated chilled him to his core. He could see the bottom half of a face the red blade held in front a tongue lapping up the blood.

“Who are you?” he stammered

The figure kept advancing unresponsive. The blade began to glow with a sinister ethereal red, as if this wasn’t worrying enough it illuminated the approaching figure. The person if you could call it that seemed little more then a youth, perhaps 13, was wearing a black and red kimono and were his skin showed it was covered in ritualistic marking. The killing intent that came from him was intense.

“What are you?” he gasped too shocked to will his legs to move

“Your Damnation of course. Fortunately for you I must be up early tomorrow and can not give you the attention you truly deserve. Being tortured for eternity in the bowels of hell will just have to do. Give my regards to Jashin Sama”

The figure shunshined and moments later the Samurai was gaping at the blade sticking through his chest were his heart had once been. Fortunately he didn’t live long enough to feel the immense pain.

Jiro held his stance a minute or two allowing the sacrificial blade to absorb the deadman’s tainted blood all the time whispering prayers in Jashin Sama’s praise. He could feel the shadows rustling, embracing him and knew Jashin was content with the offering.

After he finished he unceremoniously threw the corpse off his blade which once more returned to it’s placid state, and sheathed it. His black and white markings almost gone, he began to scour away his chakra signature, rearrange the scene and lay false trails to ensure his role in the man’s death was not revealed. As he did so he couldn’t help but wonder what his new team would be like.


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