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Sandayu Momochi

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Sandayu Momochi Empty Sandayu Momochi

Post by Sandayu Momochi on Sun Mar 07, 2010 12:00 am

General Information

Name: Momochi Sandayu
Nickname/Alias: Kirigakure no Akki Keiri~ Demon Executioner of the Hidden Mist
Age: 23
Gender: Male

Sandayu Momochi 300px-Zabuza

Sandayu Momochi Zabuza

Sandayu is about 6'1 and weighs about 164 pounds. He has short black hair and brown eyes, he also has darkish white skin. He wears a light purple vest like most Mist Chunin and Jounin over top a black sweater and black pants. Below this he wears bandages that wrap around his lower abdomen. He wears black opened toed shoes like most Ninja. He has a shurikan holster wrapped around his left calf with bandages. He has no hip pouch like most shinobi do. He carries his Kubikiri Hocho on his back with a long back strap across his chest. He wears bandages over the lower half of his face to hide his ears, nose, and mouth. He has sharpened teeth like the rest of the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist. He wears his head band across his forehead but with the symbol leaning more to the left and the with the long bangs over his right side. He has a very muscular body with no visible tattoos or scars.


Sandayu has a rather gruff personality to say the least. He doesn't like large groups of people and isn't fond of talking to people he doesn't know or like. He also isn't very trusting and considers on one a friend. He also has terrible manners and almost always speaks what is on his mind regardless of who it might offend or anger. He doesn't like working in large groups and prefers to go on solo missions and doesn't like to take order's from people he doesn't respect or like. He treats people with little respect and shows very little to no sympathy toward anyone as such he expects no sympathy or help from anyone.

Sandayu is a very vicious, merciless, and remorseless killer but he refuses to kill civilian women and children no matter the circumstance. He likes to attack people directly rather then using stealth like most shinobi but has been shown to be quite crafty at times doing false moves or creating clones to confuse enemies with great skill. He hates everyone and everything and feels that life is meaning less and that you live only to fulfill a certain purpose, his being to execute every person whose names are written in the scrolls of his Assassination Missions.

At one point in time when his mother was still alive Sandayu was a very happy child who smiled and who loved his mother. He was weak and his father hated that so he beat Sandayu to try to make him a man but now matter how many times he was beat and no matter how many times he cried and bled when he saw his mother he smiled. After her death Sandayu became very unstable emotionally until the Massacre at the Academy in which he killed over 50 other academy students even before he was supposed to graduate. After that incident he became stable but the stability made him a very dangerous person and he finally became what his father wanted. A weapon.

Personality Trait's: N/A
Catch Phrase: N/A

Rank Information:
Country: Mizu no Kuni
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
Village Rank: Jounin
Skill Rank: A

Skill Information

Skill Specialty: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu, and Taijutsu
Main: Kenjutsu
Sub: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu

Elemental Affinity: Suiton
Sub: N/A

Special Characteristics: Sandayu is highly skilled in Suiton jutsu and can preform a variety of techniques. He is also highly skilled in Taijutsu and Kenjutsu but prefers Kenjutsu to his other skills. He has special training with his Kubikiri Hocho and can wield it with great skill with only one hand, a testament to his physical strength as well to his skill. He has training in multiple fields of Assassination but prefers the direct approach to stealth and secrecy.


Name: Decapitating Carving Knife (首斬り包丁, Kubikiri Hōchō; English TV "Guillotine Sword")
Appearance: Sandayu Momochi Giant_Decapitating_Knife_Zabuza

The sword is shaped like a giant butcher knife. It has a circle cut out of the top and the semicircle near the handle, which, as demonstrated by Suigetsu, seem to fit the sword's purpose of decapitation aptly, and gives something to wrap a back strap around. Its handle also appears to be detachable, as Suigetsu is shown screwing it off when not in combat and reattaching it for combat. While the handle is removed, it is relatively short. When reattached, however, it seems to extend by about four times its length. Suigetsu, despite being well-trained, notes the heaviness of the blade can tire him out easily.

Rank: A
Special Abilities: N/A
Origin: The Kubikiri Hocho formally belongs to the Nation of Kirigakure and it is currently wielded by Sandayu Momochi. Sandayu obtained the Kubikiri Hocho after becoming one of the Seven Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist.

Background Information

~Birth Arc~

Once upon a time there was a beautiful girl of 17 who sold flowers on the street corner in Kirigakure so she could eat for she was an orphan of war and survived with the help of her two older brothers. One day her brother's went off to fish and left her in the house which they called home. As she went to pick some herbs from the garden a young shinobi of the age of 21 who was on his way home after 3 months of war when he noticed the pretty young girl. He approached her and she was scared of the War scarred man, he asked her out and she refused. He persisted. She continued to refuse and ran inside her home and closed the feeble door which showed little resistance to the man who then proceeded to rape her. At that moment in time she bled and her virginity was taken, his seed was released and a demon was created.

Sandayu Momochi was created through the rape of his Mother, Yora Higitsu, by a Jounin of Kirigakure by the name of Danyuu Momochi. Yora tried countless times to end the pregnancy and take her own life but Danyuu would not allow her and forced her to bare the child that he would later christen as Sandayu Momochi. Sandayu was born on the 27th of August in the Momochi family home. Sandayu was born a healthy boy with no problems even after all the attempts to end his life inside the womb.

From Birth Yora hated Sandayu because of how he was made from her virgin blood and the seed of a monster she would later call husband. While Sandayuu lay sleeping in his crib as a testament of sin she would plot to kill him and end her own life but once again Danyuu stood in the way. He forced her to love baby Sandayu which she hated more then the accursed life she lived being held captive in the Momochi Estate but she did as she was told because Danyuu threatened to kill her brother's if she took her own life or that of baby Sandayu's. From that point on she raised Sandayu with affection and love but she always hated him.

When Sandayu was about 9 months old Danyuu forced Yora to marry him and she became Yora Momochi.

~Pre-Academy Arc~

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Sandayu Momochi

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