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Namelss Clan [WIP]

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Namelss Clan [WIP] Empty Namelss Clan [WIP]

Post by MysticNoob on Thu Mar 04, 2010 1:28 am

Clan Name: Nameless Clan
Clan Location: Spread around the world
Kekkei Genkai: byoukiton or disease release: The members of this clan have the ability to use what is called byoukiton or the disease release which allows the user to infect others simply by touch or by the diseases into the air they are able to cause mass infection or just infection to a specific target.
Clan Traits: This clan hides in secrecy but has been learning and teaching the disease release since it came into existence from the start of the clan they all had very weak immune system but were also pure having none of the diseases that normal people have dormant inside of them. This means that small children die most of the time when they are born because they are like sponges when they come in contact with any sickness catching it almost 100% of the time. The members of this clan MUST be medical ninjas if they plan to survive as they have a disease removing medical jutsu that keeps them alive since their body is still every vulnerable to disease even in old age.
Secret Clan Jutsu: Name: Purge
Rank: D
Type: Medical
Element: N/A
Description: A jutsu used by almost all of the members of the clan. This jutsu causes the users hands to glow a bright blue color as chakra flows through their hand and be placing the hand into the area where the disease exists such as the lungs the absorption of the disease causes the hand to turn a black color signaling that the disease or sickness has been removed. By then deactivating the jutsu the chakra dissipates and the disease is destroyed,

Name: (the name of your technique/jutsu)
Rank: (E, D, C, B, A, or S based on it's power)
Type: (Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, Kenjutsu - Sword Techniques, Weaponry, Kugutsu - Puppetry, etc.)
Element: (Katon - Fire, Suiton - Water, Doton - Earth, Fuuton - Wind, or Raiton - Lightning)
Description: (describe your technique and what it does)
Clan History:


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